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FREE Soul circle class

Sitting in stillness

In the class this month we are going to explore the concept of stillness. 

What is your relationship like with it?

I’ll share with you how the stillness can help you to hear the wisdom from your cat. 

We will look into the resistance you have around stillness, helping you to uncover the blocks you have to it and how this is impacting your cat. 

If you read this and think ‘Euw I hate stillness’ this class is for you!

If you are someone who enjoys sitting in, creating and experiencing stillness, come and join us for the class so you can share your experience with others. 

This class is for YOU. Take time out of the busy day to day to get to know yourself better.

It is not recorded.

Bring with you:

✨ Blanket

✨ Drink

✨ Journal/paper and pen

Complete the form below to register for your space in the class. 

You will receive an email with the Zoom link the day before the class and with the 1 hour reminder email.

See you on Monday 29th April 7 – 8pm UK time. 

Complete the form below to register your space for the class.

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