About Julie-Anne Thorne

I have always had a love for animals and over the last 10 years this has developed into a passion for cats. When I was at school I wanted to become a vet as it was the only way I knew to help animals. As my life moved on I realised there were many other ways to help animals and my life took a turn away from the vet route. I graduated with a degree in Psychology from Plymouth University and moved to Gloucester. After being there for 2 years a decided I wanted my own cat and adopted Pickle. She turned out to be a very poorly cat and whilst working for local government as my day job I began to embrace complementary therapies and modalities in an attempt to help Pickle in my spare time. I completed a Reiki 1 & 2 qualification and began working with cats at a rescue centre and giving Pickle healing at home. Although I was happy to be helping I wanted to do more.

I attended animal communication courses to try to understand how else I could help Pickle but it still wasn’t enough. Over the next few years I continued to put the pieces of my jigsaw together and learn new skills. I studied and completed a diploma in animal healing, certificate in feline zoopharmacognosy and also a diploma in cat care, behaviour and welfare.

I am particularly passionate about cats as I feel they are misunderstood and incorrectly labelled as independent. Cats are very sensitive souls and are very loving and loyal creatures. I want to help people understand their cats more and help the cat to communicate to its guardian.

Julie Anne Thorne

About Pickle

Pickle came into my life in 2005 when she was around 5 years old. I found her in a rescue centre, sitting at the back of the pen in a pretty bad way. Little did I know that this timid, shy and what appeared grumpy little lady was going to be my inspiration for a change of career and new way of life.

Pickle has been very unwell over the years having had bouts of pancreatitis, IBS, gingivitis and various other illnesses. She was diagnosed with diabetes in 2008 and arthritis in 2012. With each illness I reached for the books to try to understand the condition and look into how I could help her. I wanted to provide the best level of care I could.

Pickle is sensitive in so many ways and the thought of filling her system with chemicals didn’t appeal to me so I started on my journey of holistic health. I wanted to help Pickle and compliment the western approach of treatment but didn’t want our ‘go to’ method of treatment to be drug based so started to look for other options to explore.

Julie Anne Thornes Cat Pickle

I initially took animal communication courses to try and understand what Pickle wanted in order to help her. One day we were having cuddles on the sofa and I noticed my hand was warm on her tummy. All I could think in my head was ‘I wish she was well’. When we checked her blood glucose later that evening it was strangely low. At the time I didn’t think anything of it, now I know it was the start of my healing path. I completed a Reiki 1 & 2 qualification and although was pleased I could help people for me it was all about the cats. The healing was a great option to help but I still felt like I could do more for Pickle. Then I discovered a diploma in animal healing...I could be certified and taught how to specifically work with animals. 12 months and a lot of studying later I completed and passed the degree. Now that I was certified to heal animals I wanted to be certified in working specifically with cats so completed a feline studies diploma.

Whilst on the animal healing diploma I learnt about how animals can self-select plant extracts to help heal themselves. I did a feline specific course on offering essential oils to cats…it was amazing! Seeing their reactions and learning how oils could help a variety of issues and problems I knew I had to take this further.

Julie Anne Thornes Cat Pickle

Now things had started to come together and I felt like Pickle and I were making real progress. She was the dutiful guinea pig for all my new skills and techniques ensuring that I continued to learn as I practiced.

She has been my inspiration, my guide and my teacher on so many levels and in so many ways.

She is my heart, my baby and I will always love and be grateful to her x - Julie Anne Thorne