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Energy empowerment mastermind cover. Help for anxious cats and their humans

I wish she wouldn’t hide away. 

 He is so jumpy around the house.  

I don’t understand why she’s so scared.   

I’ve tried the plug in’s but they didn’t work.  

 I just want him to be happy. 

Decode the cosmic connection with your cat programme

Do any of the statements above resonate for you?

If you are thinking or feeling any of them, you have a level of stress, anxiety and/or fear. Your cat can feel that. 

I know I’ve had them. As humans we have busy brains, full of worries, doubts ‘to do’s’! Add to that being a cat guardian and I don’t know about you but the biggest worry at the top of my list is my boys, my cats.

And I know, as do you, that when I am stressed my boys can feel it. They feed off my energy, they absorb my stress and emotions. So anxious human =  anxious cat. Can you relate?

In my latest programme Energy Empowerment Mastermind I am offering you the chance to shift and have a happy cat in a happy home. To bring a sense of peace, balance, and equilibrium back into your household. 

You will have the chance to work with me over 6 months to create a calm, tranquil environment for both you and your cat. 

Imagine if you were both calm 

How good could life be for you? How much fun, love and joy could you share with your cat(s) if you weren’t so full of your worries all the time. It could really be amazing. 

If we don’t deal with our mental health, emotional and energetic state we end up in chronic anxiety, stress and even depression. I’ve worked with many 1-2-1 clients who have been on anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medication. Wondering why their anxious cat was getting worse, those problem behaviours becoming more frequent and frantic. 

Have you tried behavioural changes, environment tweaks, supplements and even medication to stop your cat being so anxious? Let me ask you this … have you done any work on YOU amongst all this stress and worry about your cat? 

We are all connected and when WE are stressed our cats can be too. Even if we try our hardest not so show it, our cats can feel it. They are sentient, sensitive creatures who need help and support for their emotional, mental and energetic health and well-being. 

So why not join me in this new programme and see how good life can be for you and your cat. When you release the grip that stress and anxiety has on you, you’ll be able to see the difference in you and your cat, wondering how you lasted for so long with it being so bad. 

Are you ready to gift this new way of life to you and your cat?

“Working with Julie-Anne has really helped me to understand my cats even more. The way she teaches is so compassionate and professional. I love working with her. “

– Lora-Lee –


“The regular calls were amazing. It helped me to keep on track with my learning and I have seen the results straight after the first class!

Julie-Anne is AMAZING and I am so glad I decided to take this course.

– Aarti –

“I didn’t realise that working with Julie-Anne would bring so many shifts into my life.

It’s not just impacted my relationship with my cat but with my partner and our other animals in the home. I love how Julie-Anne’s techniques are so simple yet powerful.”

– Sarah –

Leo helped me to create this for you

I can sit at my computer all day long and ‘think’ about how best to be of service. But what I have learnt over the last 12 months is that the more I come into my heart space, work with the soul, essence and wisdom of my boys the deeper impact I make. 

Take this programme for instance. I sat at my desk wondering how I could enrich this programme with exclusive content, transformational work and wisdom. It felt clunky, a little tough and to be honest a bit forced. 

So I tried a new approach. I stood at my white board, pen in one hand a picture of Leo in another. And this is what HE created for you …

Cat chakra cleanse and re-balance

6 Months, 5 Modules, a live Q&A and lessons from Leo

In this 6 month mastermind we will cover:

Fear, frustration and friction.

Kicking off the programme without holding back we look at your fear, frustrations, limitations, resistance and blocks that are contributing to your stress, anxiety and state of mind. We look at how this is impacting yourself and your cat so we know how much we have to shift over the next modules of the course. 

 Flipping your perspective. 

I thought for a long time it was happy cat = happy human. But my boys have shown me it’s actually the other way around! But this isn’t an easy shift to make. After all we care so deeply for our cats, they are our whole world. In this module we will look at how you can shift your perspective looking at those problem behaviours, lessons and teachings from your cat so you can lead each day with a new perspective on your relationship. 

 Working with energy and emotions. 

This module aligns with some of the deeper work we do in the Become a soul led cat guardian programme. I’ll share with you my easy, effective and incredibly powerful tools that enable you to find, feel and release your emotions enabling you to elevate your vibration and frequency. Which trust me … your cat will notice!

 Finding the frequency.

When you begin to work with your own energy (which we will be doing in the previous module) you will have the capacity to feel the energy and frequency of your cat. I’ll share some chakra cleansing techniques you can use with your cat and how you can clear, cleanse and balance their energetic field. When you manage both your energy and that of your cat you’ll be amazed at the shift in the home. Happy human = happy cat. Happy cat = happy home. 

Presence, perspective and a push into a new way of being.

In the final teaching module we will create a plan for you to support your energetic, emotional and spiritual growth as you carry on in the grinds of day to day life. Ensuring that you know all of the tools, techniques and steps you can take to feel empowered using energy for both you and your cat. Looking at hoe presence and perspective are your new way of seeing the world, for both you and your cat. 

Live coaching, Q&A. 

In the last module we will have an ask me anything session. We can recap over previous modules, you can get 1-2-1 support from me or we can delve a little deeper into the realms of energy, healing and spiritual growth. This last module is created by you. Tell me what you need and I’ll do my very best to bring it in for you. 

What people say...

" The ability to be able to shift my energy, this has been one of the best tools I have been given and I have been able to open my heart which has amazed me. I always knew I needed to but didn’t know how. "

" I feel I am more at peace and relaxed. I don't let things bother me as much as they used to. I have been trying to create a more calm environment for Destiny. Just giving her lots of love and attention. I am trying to "be still" and try to focus on "me" and trying to become a "better me". My connection with Destiny has grown and I am better at controlling emotions around her. She seems so happy. "

" I have become more insightful. When friends come to me for a chat/advice I have become more aware of listening rather than talking. I also feel more mindful and aware of animals and signs around me which pop up in my daily life. "

" I now know how wise my cat is now, her knowledge of me is mind blowing. I look forward to making changes in me that will resonate with her and improve her quality of life even more."

Who is this for?

This programme isn’t for everyone.

It’s not a course to have on in the background when you are doing the dishes. There is real power, intention and energy behind this work.

It’s for people who:

💔 Have a cat with a reoccurring ‘problem behaviour’
💔 Feel disconnected from their feline friend
💔 Are lost on their spiritual journey and need a helping hand
💔 Want more from their relationship with their cat

If any of the above sound like you, consider if this is the best next step on your healing journey. 

I am ready to work with:

💖 People who have read my Cat Chakra book

💖 Cat guardians ready to take action for themselves and their cat

💖 Humans who feel ready for things to change in their life

💖 A cat lover who wants to know more about the strongest, easiest and most powerful way they can hep their cat.

If this resonates with you, come and join me.

Take action, be brave and let’s see how we can transform your relationship with your cat. 

PLEASE NOTE: All calls are held via Zoom. If you can’t join us live please don’t worry as you will have lifetime access to the replays. All class dates will be shared once you have signed up for the programme. If you have any other questions please contact the team: