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Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions we get from new and existing clients. Please contact me if you have any other questions not answered here.

Naturally Cats offers a bespoke, holistic approach to helping guardians with problems they experience with their cats. The problems may arise from behavioural and emotional issues or physical problems…and anything in between!

Naturally Cats offers a tailored service which is unique to each situation and takes into account all aspects that affect the cat including (but not limited to) behaviour, diet, nutrition, facilities, environment, relationships and much more.

Naturally Cats uses a range of tools to help alleviate the issue at hand. These include healing for the cat and guardian (and other house members as appropriate), offering of essential oils and macerated oils to the cat, use of a dried herb garden, advice on cat care including behaviour and nutrition.

Please note: All treatment for the cat is based on choice – does the cat want/need it. Nothing is forced onto the cat and the guardian is present and informed throughout the entire session.

If the cat is currently receiving veterinary treatment permission should be sought from the vet. The methods used by Naturally Cats work best when using a holistic approach considering all aspects affecting the cat. Naturally cats will keep the vet informed in all stages of treatment.

Under The Veterinary Surgeons Act (1966) Naturally Cats cannot and will not diagnose.

The treatments used by Naturally Cats are simply plant extracts in different forms, they are not controlled substances that can only be possessed by a veterinary surgeon.

The word healing means to make whole and healthy. The aim of Naturally Cats is to help cats achieve a state of homeostasis which is to find balance within the body. Healing can re-energise and relax the cat which can enable their own natural resources to deal with illness, injury or stress.

Every cat processes the healing differently so it can be difficult to specify reactions. Possible reactions will be discussed with you prior to any treatment.

Cats have a very low gluconryl transferase activity which is an enzyme involved with breaking down chemicals. Ingestion or topical application of essential oils can be potentially toxic to cats and this is not recommended or practiced by Naturally cats. Essential oils are only offered through inhalation which allows the cat to receive and process the aromatic molecules. The delicate oil molecules pass through the nose lining into the blood and brain. Once they enter the limbic system of the brain emotions and relaxation responses are triggered within the body leading the cat to experience the healing properties of the oil.

A response from a cat will vary depending on the oil used and the condition being treated. The most common signs of processing are blinking, licking, sighing and deep breathing. There are other subtle signs to look for and these will be discussed with you throughout the session.

Occasionally a cat may demonstrate what is perceived as an aggressive response (i.e. hissing or howling) after being offered an oil but this is a release of blocked emotion and will usually only last for a few seconds. It is usually followed by a period of deep relaxation as the cat processes the released emotions.

As mentioned above the cat will process the healing properties of the herbs through inhalation. Occasionally the cat may roll, rub or chew at the dried herbs. All of this is perfectly normal and is the cats natural way of releasing the oils. Cats will only take in what they need so if they decide to roll all over the herb then lick it off themselves they need a higher concentration of the oil so are choosing to ingest it. Alternatively they may decide to simply sit near the herb which is also a sign they are processing the healing properties.

The frequency of healing will depend on each particular situation. The herb garden should ideally be left down for a week but longer if possible. Basically as long as you can bear it being on the floor, some of the dried herbs can get a little messy if the cat likes to roll in them! If the cat shows no sign of interest after a week or so it may be removed.

You may find your cat is around the rags/herbs quite a lot over the first few days as he/she enjoys the healing properties. As time goes on and they do not need them anymore they may show less interest.

Macerated oils should be initially offered daily. As the cat takes less of the oil or shows less interest they can be offered weekly or fortnightly.

Naturally Cats ethos is using various tools to try and help a cat. The tools and techniques used are as a result of direct and thorough training. It is highly unlikely that a cat will have an adverse reaction to the treatment options offered by Naturally Cats as they are all natural and holistic. The treatment options are offered based on a cats choice to self-select therefore nothing is forced upon a cat that it does not want. Cats will only self-select what they need to encourage natural healing. Naturally Cats works alongside conventional treatment and is not a substitute for veterinary treatment.

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