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Naturally Cats

Holistic cat therapist, intuitive and behaviourist from Plymouth, Devon.

Helping cats and their guardians with a range of issues they face together using a natural and holistic approach.

I can help with issues such as:

* Multi-cat homes
* Anxiety
* Introducing cats
* Fear behaviours
* Overgrooming
* Inappropriate toileting
* And much more

As featured in

The Aromatic Cat

Julie-Anne is a co-author to the new book The Aromatic Cat: How to use herbs, hydrosols and essential oils with your cat.

Initial Contact

Once you have contacted me about your issue I will assess the situation and attempt to understand your needs and how I can help.


A thorough history is taken for both cat and guardian treatments. Deposits are required to secure a consultation appointment.


Following the consultation an aftercare regime will be recommended for either cat or guardian to continue to support well-being.

Who is Naturally cats?

My name is Julie Anne Thorne and I am a cat behaviourist based in Plymouth, Devon. I have a holistic approach to problem behaviours. I use a variety of tools and techniques including behaviour modification, botanical remedies and environment enrichment.

I believe that problem cat behaviours stem from an emotional issue, and this is what I address when I work with a family. I’m happy to have an initial chat with you, free of charge, to see if I can help you with your problem.

Over the years my treatment options have expanded to include services for the cat guardian, giving a holistic approach to each situation. This includes pet bereavement counselling, Reiki healing treatments and removing energy blockages.

Cat behaviourist