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Naturally Cats – What’s happening in 2021.

A belated Happy New Year from Naturally Cats.

A quick update sharing what you can expect from 2021 from Naturally Cats. How we will be speaking up and #givingcatsavoice

That’s all from me for now.

Stay safe, be well.

Thanks for watching.

Julie-Anne and Leo xx

Julie-Anne and Leo xx


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Is it normal to prefer cats to humans?

In this blog we are going to discuss the subject about preferring time with our feline friends over humans. Looking at why we want to spend more time with our cats over other people, and how society views us for that!

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Leo’s eclipse message

In this blog I’ll share with you the communication that Leo gave me when I was journaling during the recent eclipse. As I was mid-session, writing out my own thoughts, he took over and gave me a download. He has since asked me that I share it wider with you, the Naturally Cats Community, so here we go:

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Soul loss in cats

In this guest blog Linda Roberts, Shaman and animal communicator shares with us what soul loss is and how it can affect our feline friends.

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