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Cat chakra workshop


I am a Holistic Cat Therapist and it is my passion to help cat guardians understand more about their cats.

Cats are sentient, sensitive beings and they are affected by emotions and energy, just like humans are.

In this workshop I talk about chakras. Helping you to understand what they are and how they affect your cat. How blocked chakras can lead to physical health issues and ‘problem’ behaviours.


If you’ve got a cat that has issues, I bet they have at least one blocked or under-active chakra.


The application of energy and how it impacts the chakras has been around for centuries. Let me share with you how it is impacting your cat and how you can help them.


In the workshop we cover:


✨ What are chakras?

✨ How do they affect our cats?

✨ What can you do to balance them?

✨ How do blocked chakras affect behaviour?


Upon purchase of this workshop you will be sent an email with the link to watch the replay.