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Colour therapy for cats webinar


Have you ever heard of colour therapy?

Did you know you can use it with cats? 


Cats are really sensitive beings and respond beautifully to colour therapy when offered it in their home.

Colour therapy is where you offer your cat different colours to support their emotional and energetic needs.

Do you feel happy when you wear a yellow top or see the sunshine? Does being by the sea have a calming affect for you?

Cats are also impacted by colours in their environment and when we become aware of how different colours will impact their emotional state and physical health, we start to understand that the colour of their cat bed is important. The colours of their food bowls will impact how and what they eat.

This complementary therapy is a really simple, yet effective way to offer your cat healing to support their health and well-being.


In this replay we cover:

🐈 What is colour therapy

🐈 How to use a pendulum

🐈 Why is it important for our cats

🐈 How colour therapy can remove negative energy from your cat

🐈 How colour therapy will affect your cats energy and auric field

🐈 How colour therapy can harm your cat


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