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Comforting Garden


This garden is similar to the Anxiety garden. The remedies in this garden may help to comfort/calm your cat.

This could be its emotional or physical state.

If your cat is having issues with another animal family member they may select the remedies in this garden.

Good for multi cat households or cats that have experienced change in their environment.

The garden contains:

  • Organic Angelica root
  • Organic Calendula flowers
  • Organic Hops
  • Organic Rose buds
  • Organic Violet leaf
  • Organic Yarrow flowers

All remedies in this garden are very nurturing and calming remedies.


  • For any garden purchased you will be sent another.
  • The second garden will be chosen at random.
  • The offer only applies until the 22nd December 2023.
  • Some herbs in the garden may be different to those advertised, as stock allows.
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