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Deepen your connection with your cat workshop


Our cats can be complicated pets! Sometimes we have no idea why they are doing certain behaviours. What is going on in their heads or how they are feeling.

As a cat mum to Leo and Max I know that I regularly have to take time to come out of my head and drop into my heart to connect with my boys to hear how I can support them. To start with this used to take me ages, but now, through practice, I can connect with them almost instantly.


I’d love to share with you how you can do that too, with your cat.


In this workshop I share with you:

🐈 Why communication with your cat is important

🐈 What it looks like

🐈 How to strengthen your bond with your cat

🐈 Why its crucial to continue to work on your feline relationship

🐈 5 Simple tools and techniques to connect with your cat


What you’ll learn:

🐾 An overview of colour therapy for cats

🐾 5 best herbs to offer to your cat

🐾 How to re-connect with your intuition

🐾 2 Top tips for cat massage

🐾 How to use healing to help your cat

🐾 Why your breath is the key to your connection

🐾 How to connect on another level with your feline friend


Upon purchase of this workshop you will be sent an email with a link to watch the replay.

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