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Moving house with your cat webinar


How to help your cat transition to a new home.

Moving house can be such a stressful time for us humans but what about our feline friends? Most cats don’t like change and can take a while to adapt.

In this hour long webinar you can learn how to make this stressful time manageable for both you and your cat. Having moved house 4 times with cats I have tried and tested tips to share with you so you can minimise issues and unwanted behaviour responses from your furry friend.


In this webinar you will learn:

🐾 How to prepare your cat for the move

🐾 Simple, practical tips you can do to help your cat adjust to the transition

🐾 Behaviour breakdown – possible adverse behaviours your cat may demonstrate prior to or after the move

🐾 What to consider on moving day

🐾 How to help them settle into the new home

🐾 How to have a happy (new) home using simple, yet effective strategies to make the transition smooth and stress free for your furry friend.


Naturally Cats also provides a Change in the home herb garden which is has been specifically chosen to help your cat cope with the stress of moving house and the change they are experiencing.


Upon purchase of this webinar you will be sent the link to watch the class.