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Soul contracts with cats masterclass


‘Why did my cat die so soon/suddenly?’
‘Why do they keep doing XXX’
‘I wish I could have stopped him/her being so sick.’
‘I wish I knew what happened to him/her.’
‘How do I stop them doing XXX’

Have you asked yourself any of these questions or had these thoughts?

I know I have. It can be really easy to torment ourselves as cat guardians, wishing we had done more. Doing all we can but still feeling like it isn’t enough.

What I do know … there is a reason for it. There is a ‘why’. Let me share it with you.

It’s called a soul contract. The contract is the reason why you and your cat(s) are or have been together. If you’d like to learn more come and join me.

In this masterclass we will cover:

🐈 What is a soul contract?

🐈 How to find out what yours is with your cat.

🐈 Once you know it (which you will find out in this class) I’ll share how you can work with it. 

🐈 How modelling, mirroring and inspiring are connected to your soul’s growth. 

🐈 What are these three mechanisms (mirroring, modelling and inspiring) and how you can identify them in your cat’s soul contract. 

🐈 How to deepen your connection with your cat now you know why you are together. 

This class isn’t just for guardians with a cat in physical form with them now. Anyone who has a cat in spirit can also come and join us for the class because finding out your soul contract with a cat that has passed into spirit form can help you to make sense of their passing and the relationship you had with them.

The class will be Wednesday 22nd May 4pm UK time held via Zoom.

If you can’t join us live be sure to get your ticket so you can watch the replay.

The Zoom room will close 10 minutes after the advertised start time with no entrance for late admittance so please be on time. 

If you have any questions please contact:

I look forward to seeing you on the call.