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FREE Soul circle class

Soul Circle

Feeling into freedom

In the class this month we are going to look at how you can find, feel and fall into freedom into your day to day. 

I’ll be sharing yet another tool from the Become a soul led guardian programme with you in this class. 

Ensure you bring with you a:

✨ Blanket

✨ Drink

✨ Journal/paper and pen

As there will be journal prompts for you to help you delve deeper into your inner world. 

I will also guide you in a meditation that will help to ground you but also to open your heart to bringing more freedom and fun into your day to day.

This class is for anyone who gets bogged down by their daily life, those of you who want to feel more joy and peace as you go about your daily activities.

We will look at:

✨ An essential perspective shift you can make

✨ A simple, yet powerful question you can ask yourself regularly

✨ Why you are keeping yourself stuck in suffering (!)

This last point may be a little uncomfortable for some of you, so if you intend to join me for this class be sure that you are ready to take a long, hard look at yourself and that you are serious about making changes to your life!

I am here to help people, to awaken cat guardians so don’t book a ticket if you don’t intend to join me. Making time for yourself, putting your needs to the top of your ‘to do’ list is a powerful action to take. Those are the sorts of people I want to work with in this class.

If that’s you, be sure to complete the boxes below to register your space and I look forward to seeing you at the class. 

The class is Monday 29th July 7 – 8pm UK time. 

There is no replay for this session. You need to create the time and make the space to join me live. 

You will receive an email with the Zoom link the day before the class and with the 1 hour reminder email.

Complete the form below to register your space for the class.

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