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We’ve had cats in my family for as long as I can remember. When I was 20, I got my own cat Pickle and she changed my life. She was very poorly, and I wanted to support her with a natural approach to treatment, so I began investigating complementary therapies. You can read about how I became a healer to help her here, the story as featured in Your Cat Magazine.

Over the years I added new skills and treatment options to my toolbox and brought it all together to create Naturally Cats. I want to provide to others what I couldn’t find for Pickle – a holistic approach to helping cats

I’m a cat behaviourist – with a difference! Most behaviourists will advise how to perform behaviour modification with the cat and perhaps advise about changes to the cats environment. This is where most behaviourists finish their treatment, but there is a risk the problem behaviour may return.

I’m not like traditional cat behaviourists. I provide advice about the practical elements such as litter tray type/placement etc, explaining to the guardian how the changes will positively affect the cat, but I also do more. I want to help the cat, obviously, but I also want to help educate the cat guardians so they can be the best #catmum or #catdad they can be.

Throughout my work with a family I use a combination of environment enrichment, behaviour modification and my final secret weapon is that I use botanical remedies to help support the emotional needs of the cat.

I believe cats are sentient beings and that there is an emotion connected to problem behaviour. This is what I help with. For example, extreme stress & anxiety is usually what leads to overgrooming, fear when experiencing change in their territory can cause inappropriate urination. 

Each treatment and method is bespoke, according to the cat and its unique situation. Some cats may need remedy support first, others may need additional resources in their environment. It really depends on the cat. I don’t stick to a rigid formula.  After all cats are like humans – no two are the same!

At the core of my work is giving the cat a choice in its treatment. No remedies are ever forced onto a cat.  My job is to be the interpreter between the cat and the human, helping the two to co-exist in a loving, respectful relationship.


Feel free to check out the rest of my website and please get in touch if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you and your cat to deal with that problem behaviour.


Best Wishes,

Julie-Anne x (and Leo)

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