What is a holistic cat behaviourist?

A cat behaviourist is someone who helps with ‘problem cat behaviours.’ They usually come to the home or advise over an online call how to help your cat.

Traditional behaviourists will simply look at the issue or symptom and make suggestions for improvements, such as adding another litter tray or moving its current location.  

This is where Julie-Anne is different.

She is a holistic cat behaviourist which means that she considers ALL elements that affect the cat.

These include but are not limited to:

‘there is no such thing as a problem behaviour, just a behaviour we don’t fully understand’.

This is why Julie-Anne will work with the whole family when she starts to support your cat. She will explain to you why the cat is doing what it’s doing and how you can help your cat to change or re-direct its behaviour.

Julie-Anne uses a mixture of environment enrichment, behaviour modification and (her secret weapon) botanical remedies to support the emotional, physical and mental needs of your cat.

At Naturally Cats we believe that cats are sentient beings and that they can experience a range of emotions just like humans.

In her experience Julie-Anne has found that a lot of the ‘problem behaviours’ people come to her for help with, have an emotional cause such as the cat being anxious, stressed or fearful. Even aggression!

Cats are not only sentient but also highly intelligent animals. They learn and adapt very quickly to their environment. If you are experiencing problem behaviours with your cat seek help as soon as you can, the longer an issue continues the harder it can be to change.

Although cats are highly intelligent animals if they have adapted a ‘problem behaviour’ as a coping mechanism this needs to be addressed. Not only in terms of stopping the behaviour but also finding appropriate ways to help the cat cope with the challenges it is facing.

For example, if you bring a new cat into the home and the existing cat is now chronically overgrooming or scratching everything in sight, more work needs to be done to address the territory changes your existing cat has experienced. Julie-Anne can help with this.

How can Naturally Cats help your cat?

Behaviour modification is such a crucial factor in supporting our beloved felines. Julie-Anne doesn’t just stop the problem behaviour by suggesting changes to the cat’s environment she will also help your cat find better ways to cope. This could be using botanical remedies such as a herb garden to support their emotional state or it could be suggesting extra, cat specific, playtime. It really depends on each individual cat and their circumstance.

Know this, whatever you come to Julie-Anne for help with, its more than likely she will not only help you solve this issue but also help you to connect more deeply with your cat and help you to see them for the wonderful, loving, unique being they are.

Julie-Anne does not offer a quick fix to situations. She will provide ongoing care and support whilst you are making changes to your home. Whilst environment enrichment and behaviour modification will likely reduce problem behaviours please note that Julie-Anne’s focus is on the mental and emotional wellbeing of your cat. This can take time to heal and balance, and your cat is in charge of how this progresses.

If you want a quick fix to stop a behaviour and are not interested in understanding the emotional needs of your cat please contact another, traditional, cat behaviourist.

If you want to help your cat and learn more about being an awesome #catmum or #catdad please contact Julie-Anne today.

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