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Become a soul led cat guardian

Come out of your head and into your heart to connect with your cat.

Hi, I’m Julie-Anne.

I help empathic and highly sensitive cat guardians that are spiritually curious and open to learning about energy work deepen their connection with their cat.

Do you feel there is more you can do for your cat?

Do you want to know what your cat is thinking or feeling?

Do you get stuck in your head and worry about your cat from dawn to dusk?

Are you desperate to do more for your cat to stop it suffering?

Are you experiencing behaviour issues with your cat that are either getting worse or showing no signs of improvement?

Do you want a deeper connection with your cat?

Through my programme, Become a soul led cat guardian you can move from wondering how to help your cat, to knowing what it needs to be happy. You will be able to regularly drop out of your head space and your previous reliance on a logical approach to support your cat, to dropping into your heart space, and using your intuition to connect to the essence of your cat. Becoming a soul led cat guardian.

I am an empath and through the journey with my cats, Pickle, Leo and Baby Max, I have learned how to use my empathic gift to sense and feel the soul of my cat. And you can too.

Book a call with me to discuss your application into the ‘Become a soul led cat guardian programme.’

I’m looking forward to connecting with you.

What People Say

Step into the fascinating world of cat chakras. the energy centres within your feline companion. Julie-Anne Thorne, an expert in holistic healing, teaches ways to unlock the secrets to your cat’s well-being by balancing and harmonising its chakras, promoting improved health, vitality and emotional balance. Julie-Anne guides you through a variety of approaches to influence and align your cat’s energy, leading to a happy, healthy cat.

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