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Julie-Anne has been featured in several publications sharing her work and her mission of #givingcatsavoice. You can read them below.

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Cat Chakras

Michelle Fern of Cattitude welcomes back Julie-Anne to enable the audience to step into the fascinating world of cat chakras, the energy centres within your feline companion.

Pet Care Report Podcast

Julie-Anne joins Dr. Meghan Barrett on the Pet Care Report podcast to delve into the intriguing world of feline energy and chakras.

Psychic News

An extract from Julie-Anne's second book, Cat Chakras, is featured in the A Good Read section of Psychic News.

Your Cat Magazine

An extract from Julie-Anne's second book, Cat Chakras, is featured in Your Cat Magazine.

D the Vegan Feminist

Julie-Anne reflects on what non-human persons can teach us and what is harming cats’ energy in our contemporary world.

Talk TV

Interview with Peter Cardwell including live chakra sensing.

Podcast with The Empathetic Trainer

Julie-Anne introduces us to the intriguing world of feline energy sensing capabilities.

Interview with Rick Edwards

Julie-Anne shares her top tips on how to have a happy cat.

The Dedicated Feline Enthusiast

Herb Gardens get rave review.

The Pet Parenting Podcast

Julie-Anne shares her top tips for adopting a new cat.

The Herb Society

Holistic cat therapist Julie-Anne Thorne explains how herbs can help support our feline friends

Dr Judy Morgan

Supporting Your Cat's Healing Through Self-Selection Principles

The Essential Herbal

How Herbs Can Help to Heal Your Cat

The Everyday Magazine

Life with Cats: the Mirrors We Didn’t Know Showed a Reflection


How Adding Dried Herbs to Your Cat's Catio Can Support Their Wellbeing

D the Vegan Feminist

Holistic Help for Cats and their Guardians: Julie-Anne Thorne

Spirit and Destiny Magazine

I give cats a voice

Psychic News

Experts give purrfect advice on aromatherapy for cats

Best Magazine

I’m the cat whisperer

Before Noon

Interview on Bulgarian TV show called 'Before Noon' and the segment is called Julie-Anne Thorne – The Cat Whisperer

Talk Radio

Interview with Paul Ross – What is a cat whisperer and how does it helps cats

BBC Radio Devon

Interview with Michael Chequer - Why a full time civil servant quit her job to become a cat intuitive full time

Cat World Magazine

Grief isn’t just for humans, cats can feel it too


Woman quits her job to work full time as a cat whisperer

Daily Star

Woman ditches job to be 'cat whiskerer' charging £195 to tell you pets' feelings

Your Cat Magazine

I became a healer for my cat

Plymouth Live

Plymouth cat lady quits her job to read felines' minds full-time

Cattitude Podcast

Interview with Michelle Fern - How to use herbs, hydrosols and essential oils to help your cats behaviour problems