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Gallery & Testimonials

“After speaking to Julie-Anne about our cat excessively grooming due to stress caused by a change in home environment, we decided to give the remedy she recommended a try. At first we were quite sceptical about using oils and flowers to help our cats nerves as we had not really heard of this being done before other than aromatherapy in humans, so we were really pleased to see the change in her behaviour after we began the treatment. She really enjoyed rolling in the dried flowers and herbs and having her own personal spot to relax. We are continuing with the remedies as she enjoys it so much and would recommend it to anyone who has a cat that suffers from stress or anxiety issues.”


“Having an aged cat I know that she can sometimes feel sensitive to her surroundings and the arrival of our new rescue dog had quite a negative effect on her, she seemed to be quite upset. She sometimes suffered from tummy troubles which I linked to the stress of the new dog. When Julie-Anne treats her she is always happier, more tolerant of our dog and her eating and tummy troubles greatly improve. I am more than happy to recommend Julie-Anne to anyone who wants an holistic approach to treating animals that will complement traditional veterinary care and that can really improve the quality of your cat’s life, as it has for my cat Amber.”


We initially went to ‘cat therapy’ as a result of my partner seeking help for our original cat, Florence when we brought a new kitten home…. and Florence was not impressed.

I am new to cats having always considered myself a ‘dog person’. At the beginning of our sessions I was not really taking it seriously. I was full of jokes and silliness. Having now seen the difference in our cats, that the small changes in our behaviour have made, I am a born again cat owner.

We as humans spend all our time imposing our understanding of the world on all other creatures. Julie Anne taught me that our cats have their own understanding of the world. I was already a good and loving cat parent, but with a few months of Julie Anne’s tuition, I am now a more understanding cat parent.

It is not cat therapy. It is actually cat school. All of us want our furry family members to live the happiest version of their lives right? So why would any of us deny ourselves the chance to learn about their voice. Florence can now talk to me through her tail movements.

I can avoid behaviour which both cats do not understand. Obviously, because I still consider my jokes to be funny, I roll my eyes whenever we talk about aromatherapy for cats. But I also know that bonfire night was much improved when both Charlie and Florence were exposed to some herbal remedies, namely valerian which made them feel less anxious. Both Florence and Charlie are extremely happy with our tuition with Julie Anne, and they recommend to all cats and kittens that they send their humans for re-education.