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Become a soul led cat guardian

Do you feel there is more you can do for your cat?

Do you want to know what your cat is thinking or feeling?

 Are you highly empathic or sensitive and want to know how to use your intuition to give your cat all it needs?

 Do you get stuck in your head and worry about your cat from dawn to dusk?

I’ve got you covered.

I help empathic and highly sensitive cat guardians that are spiritually curious and open to learning about energy work, who are desperate to do more for their cat to stop it suffering.

I’ve seen my cats suffer and it’s heartbreaking not knowing how to help them. I’ve been working with cats for over 15 years and when my own cat Pickle was suffering I found help.

I learned how to drop out of my head and come away from the logical approach of trying to help her, and came into my heart space so I could connect with her soul, her essence. When I connected with her, I was able to know exactly what she needed to heal and to thrive because she told me.

And your cat can tell you too.


“Thanks to the round table exercise and journaling (which I am actually doing now!) my head is quieter, and doubts/fears seem to be less pervasive. Still issues to explore and resolve, but that will happen when the time is right for it.”

– David –

“My head is being very calm and feeling more in sync with what my heart is saying.

I know I have shifted emotions, but I am now starting to feel/reap the benefits of them shifting and I feel more confident in my openness.”

– Clare –

“I love the community, meeting new but like-minded people in a safe environment, without judgment. Nothing but support.”


– Emma –

You can help your cat and I can show you how.

You can step away from the desperation of not knowing how to help your cat, because they will tell you.

You can stop wondering what your cat is thinking or feeling because you can ask them.

You can let go of the guilt or worry about how you are supporting them because together you can heal through this programme.  

As I guide you through the ‘Become a soul led cat guardian’ programme you will take the time to understand what is stopping you coming into your heart space.

We will look at how you get so lost in your thoughts and are therefore unable to receive the soul of your cat. I will guide you to re-connect with your intuition and fine tune your empathic ability so you can help your cat to thrive.

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