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What do I offer?

What do I offer?

Cat Chakra Cleanse

All cats have chakras – energy centres that process and store emotions. These can become blocked easily, leading to physical issues, emotional trauma and unpredictable behaviours.

As a qualified healer and Reiki Master, Julie-Anne will perform a chakra cleanse and re-balance for your cat.

Ideal for:

  • Physical/health issues
  • Emotional trauma
  • New edition to the family (human or animal)
  • Anxiety
  • Aggression
  • Overgrooming
  • Fear

Cat communication session

  • Is your cats behaviour driving you crazy?
  • Are you feeling frustrated with your cat?
  • Do you wish you could know what they are thinking?

As an empath and intuitive Julie-Anne is able to connect with the spirit and soul of your cat by tuning into their unique frequency. She can ask the cat your list of questions to help you understand them more.
Ideal for:

  • Problem behaviours
  • Changes in the home
  • Blocked emotions
  • Excessive vocalisation
  • Inappropriate toileting
  • To help you re-connect with your cat

Cat healing treatment

  • Has your cat recently been diagnosed with a medical condition?
  • Do you want to provide an holistic approach to your cats health and wellbeing?

Julie-Anne is a qualified and experienced Usui Reiki Master and is able to cleanse and remove negative energy from your cat. This boosts the bodies immune system, enabling the cat to heal itself and thrive.

Ideal for:

  • Emotional trauma
  • Stressful situation/experience
  • Behaviour changes
  • Change in eating habits
  • And more

Herbal help and support

Cats can enjoy so much more than catnip.

Using self-selection principles, cats will use the healing properties of dried herbs and flowers to support their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Julie-Anne holds a diploma in cat self-selection. She can advise which dried herbs and flowers you can offer to your cat, to provide essential environment enrichment whilst also supporting their health and wellbeing.

Ideal for:

  • Physical issues & ailments
  • Unpredictable behaviours
  • Life stage changes
  • Emotional issues
  • Environment enrichment

Who are Naturally Cats?

My name is Julie-Anne Thorne, and I am a Holistic Cat Therapist. I use several tools and techniques to help you have a happy cat in a happy home.

I offer a variety of services that include Reiki for cats, a cat chakra cleanse, cat communication sessions and help with herbs, to support your cats health and wellbeing.

I provide you with a holistic approach to your cats care, enabling them to thrive rather than simply survive in their environment. My services help with a range of cat issues from anxiety, aggression and fear-based behaviours to physical ailments, emotional issues and mental health challenges.

I’m a cat communicator so I help you understand what your cat is thinking, feeling and experiencing. My goal is to help you both re-connect with each other, so all of my services provide tangible actions you can take to help your cat.  

My mission is #givingcatsavoice

Use the contact form or reach out to me via email to see how I can help you and your cat.

I look forward to working with you.