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Cat Chakra Cleanse

All cats have chakras. They are invisible energy centres that transmit energy between the cats physical body, its aura and its environment.

Does your cat seem out of sorts?
Do they have physical issues?
Does their energy or soul need healing and support?
Are they showing behaviour changes?
It could be that their main energy centres are out of balance.

All cats have chakras, core energy centres that can either help the cat to thrive or put them into a state of dis-ease. Chakras unite all levels of being for the cat. What cats feel, experience and are exposed to will all affect their chakras.

They can become blocked easily, leading to physical issues, emotional trauma and unpredictable behaviours.

Blockages can come from traumatic events, emotional trauma, changes in the home, chronic illness or a sudden change to their circumstance.

But they don’t have to stay this way.

Cat chakra cleanse and re-balance
A cat chakra cleanse is ideal for:
  • Emotional trauma
  • Changes in the home
  • Anxiety
  • Aggression
  • Overgrooming
  • Fear based behaviours
  • Withdrawn cats
  • Elderly cats

As an empath I am able to connect to the unique frequency of your cat through a photo, enabling me to cleanse, clear and re-balance their chakras and auric field.

This can reduce and remove problem behaviours, physical pain and help the cat to release buried, blocked or suppressed emotions. 

Cats are sentient, sensitive beings and they require emotional, mental and energetic support just like humans.

For this service I require a clear, single image of your cat facing the camera, this enables me to connect to them.

I do not need to be physically present with the cat.

Cat chakra cleanse and re-balance

What’s included:

  • A 90-minute healing session between me and your cat.
  • A 60-minute Zoom call with you to share an overview of the healing treatment.
  • The call includes a breakdown of the state of your cats chakras and the energy work performed to heal them.
  • Details of all emotional elements the cat shared.
  • Cleansing, clearing and balancing of your cats chakras.
  • Any messages your cat has for you.
  • A follow up email with session actions.
  • Recommendations for further support for your cat.
  • An additional, bespoke, 60 minute 1-2-1 call for you to learn how to support your cat even more, see below…

This service is conducted for one cat at a time. 


After working with clients and their cats for over 15 years I have come to realise that a one off treatment enables the cat to shift to a certain degree but when this is coupled with a shift of energy and emotion for the human, both beings can transform on a much deeper level. 

That’s why the chakra cleanse and re-balance treatment for the cat now also includes a 1-2-1 session with me following the initial Zoom call about the cats experience. 

In this 1 hour, exclusive session we will look at how you can support your cat even more on their energetic and emotional journey. 

Shifting blocks, releasing trauma and limiting beliefs from you can truly impact the well-being of your cat. 

I constantly work on myself and when I do I see major changes in my boys!

Cat Chakra Book

A complete guide to clearing, cleansing and balancing your cats’ core energy centres.

Become A
Soul Led
Cat Guardian

How Can I Help You?

My name is Julie-Anne Thorne, and I am a holistic cat therapist and soul activator for cat guardians. I use a mixture of energy and emotional work to help you have a happy cat in a happy home.

I can help your feline friend with a cat chakra cleanse and re-balance treatment. This is a remote healing session that supports your cat in shifting blocked or stagnant emotions and energy. It is great for cats displaying behavioural issues or those who have experienced emotional trauma. 

I also offer you, the guardian, the opportunity to tap into your inner wisdom and knowledge to receive the essence of your cat through my Become a soul led cat guardian programme. 

If you are highly sensitive or empathic and need support, community and guidance to receive your cat’s soul come and join me. I offer you the chance to deepen your connection with your cat enabling you to hear their thoughts and feel their emotions as you come out of your head and into your heart. 

My mission is giving cats a voice but that only matters if you, their guardian, are ready to listen. 

Are you ready to take a step into your spiritual evolution?  

I look forward to connecting with you.