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What is a holistic cat therapist?

A cat therapist may sound a little strange! But that’s what I am.

I’m not a cat behaviourist because I don’t just assess or address behaviour. 

In my opinion all behaviour has an emotional cause. That’s what I deal with, the emotions behind your cats behaviour. 

From weeing around the house, to overgrooming their tummy. The cat is trying to communicate something with you and that’s where I can help. 

I am an empath and I connect with your cat to understand how they are feeling. I share with you the emotions that are causing their behaviours. 

We can then work together to support these emotions, leading to behaviour changes in your cat. 

As a holistic cat therapist I can support you and your cat in the following areas…

These include but are not limited to:

‘there is no such thing as bad behaviour, just a behaviour we don’t fully understand’.

When I work with a family I won’t fix your cat. 

I will help you to understand how your cat is feeling so you understand why they are acting in the way they are. 

I will give your cat a voice.

Cats don’t do things to annoy us or upset us. Cats are sentient, sensitive beings who deserve respect and acknowledgement. 

Sometimes when the family dynamic changes cats will feel unsettled, upset or un-grounded. This is where I can help. 

I offer a cat chakra cleanse and re-balance treatment. Supporting the emotional and energetic health of your cat. I will help you understand what your cat is feeling and also what their soul needs you to hear.

As part of my service offerings I also support you. This could be in the form of making changes in the home, addressing your routine and your emotional/spiritual health to benefit you and your cat. 


Cats are sentient beings and they experience a range of emotions just like humans.

So far to date, all of the ‘problem behaviours’ people come to me to fix in their cat are connected to an emotional cause. Be it anxiety, aggression, overgrooming, weeing around the house, attacking other cats in the home or destructive behaviours. 

They have ALL been to do with blocked, buried or suppressed emotions. 

My most popular service is the cat chakra cleanse and re-balance. 

During sessions with cats who have experienced this energy based healing treatment, I have had cats:

  • Release a trauma from when they were a kitten
  • Share soul wounds they have carried into this life
  • Use colour cards to explain how their chakras felt
  • Give messages to their guardian about healer gifts
  • Provide messages from a cat in spirit
  • Confirm they have been with their guardian in a previous life

All of these examples have given the cat a voice and enabled them to heal, leading to change in their behaviour … simply by being heard. 

Why give your cat a chakra cleanse?

Understanding your cat is the key to a happy cat and a happy home.

My mission is to give cats a voice and I can only do that if you, their guardian, are ready to listen. 

My chakra cleanse and re-balance shifts the energy in your cat enabling their body to heal itself. Clearing and cleansing dense or blocked emotion, has a profound affect on the cat. Imagine you have an ache in your shoulder and once you have a massage it feels so much more comfortable. You can move your arm, lift boxes etc.

You feel like a new you. 

This is the same level of impact a chakra cleanse can have on a cat.

 I’ve had clients tell me their cat now sits on their lap, they’ve stopped weeing around the house, they are much more relaxed and content since the cleanse. 


” My session with Julie-Anne gave me an incredibly deep insight into cocos soul and well-being. It was therapy in so many ways, understanding Coco and indeed for me. I will definitely take forward the recommendations and advice given.” – Fi Owens, UK.

“Opened me up to thinking in a different way about myself, my cat and our relationship. Bolstered my confidence in my instincts. Made me feel that I don’t have to feel alone and lost when trying to do my best” – Shazz, UK.

“He did something he has never done before with me this afternoon. He leaned his head on my arm and just lay there for sometime. It was wonderful and sweet.” – Keo Fox, USA.

“We have bonded so much more, I can now understand their needs much better and why the behave in different ways” – Julie W, Ireland.

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