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Become a Soul Led Cat Guardian

 Do you get stuck in your head and worry about your cat from dawn to dusk?

 Do you feel there there is more you can do for your cat?

 Do you want to know what your cat is thinking or feeling?

 Are you highly empathic or sensitive and want to know how to use your intuition to give your cat all it needs?

Cats and hands

I help empathic and highly sensitive cat guardians that are spiritually curious and open to learning about energy work, who are desperate to do more for their cat.

I’ve seen my cat(s) suffer and it’s heartbreaking not knowing how to help them.

That’s why I have created my new programme:

Become a soul led cat guardian.

When Pickle was constantly vomiting the vet couldn’t help her get better, I had to do something.

When Leo wouldn’t eat for days, I had to do something.

I learned how to come out of my head and into my heart so I could connect with my cat.

To hear what they needed.

To know how they were feeling.

And now you can too.

You can drop out of your head space and your previous reliance on a logical approach to support your cat, and come into your heart.

You can receive your cat using your own intuition and spiritual connection.

You can help your cat to thrive.

Book a call with me below to discuss your application to join the programme.

This programme isn’t for everyone so let’s have a call and see if we are a good fit to work together.
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