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Welcome to the Naturally Cats blog where every month, I share insights on your cats behaviour, what to look out for and how I can help.

In this blog we will look at why you need to offer your cat opportunities to ground their energy to support their health and well-being.

In this guest blog Linda Roberts, Shaman and animal communicator shares with us what soul loss is and how it can affect our feline friends.

In this blog I share with you how conforming to the corporate world corrupted my soul.

In this blog we will look at why using a water/spray bottle on your cat to change their behaviour is not only cruel but why it WON’T work! And why it’s damaging your relationship with your cat one spray at a time.

In this blog we will look at what a time out is, and why they aren’t good for your cat(s). Despite it becoming a popular way to discipline cats I’ll share with you below how it can actually damage your relationship with your feline friend.

In this blog we will look at how you can have a happy cat. I’ll cover 5 simple steps you can take to set your cat up for success leading to a happy, healthy cat for 2024.

In this blog I will share with you how you can help your cat keep calm at Christmas and support them in surviving the festive season. This may be a time for fun, joy and laughter for us humans (if you celebrate this time of year,) but for our cats it can be a serious time of stress and anxiety.

In this blog we’ll look at how you can help your cat. It’s not about litter trays, it’s about looking within. It’s about helping you to see that you always have a choice in how you show up for your cat. Let’s look at how your energy affects them both mentally and physically, and why you may need a time out!

I’ve been asked many times over the past 10 years if cats meditate. In this blog I’ll tell you what I know to be true about cats and meditation.

In this blog I’ll share with you how Leo has changed my life. How he has helped my business to evolve, my heart to open and my understanding of what it means to give cats a voice a whole new meaning.

In this blog I’m handing over to Rachel Down, Managing Director and Founder of Boil and Broth, as she shares with you how bone broth can help our feline friends.

A rainy day with my cat. In this blog we look at what you can do with your cat on a rainy …