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SIGNED COPY: Cat Chakras book


Wondering how to have a happy cat?


Cat Chakras – A complete guide to clearing, cleansing and balancing your cats’ core energy centres.

My name is Julie-Anne Thorne and I am a Holistic Cat Therapist, empath, author, and cat mum. I bring a duality to holistic cat care using my degree in Psychology and qualifications in healing, energy work, self-selection and behaviour in cats. I have been working with cats for over 15 years and my mission is to give cats a voice.

This is my second book: Cat Chakras – A complete guide to clearing, cleansing and balancing your cat’s core energy centres.

The purpose of this book is to help you, as a cat guardian, step into the fascinating world of cat chakras, the energy centres within your feline companion. I share how to unlock the secrets to your cat’s well-being by balancing and harmonising its chakras, promoting improved health, vitality and emotional balance. Leading you through a variety of approaches to influence and align your cat’s energy, leading to a happy, healthy cat.

What the experts say:

“Cat Chakras is an incredible book that takes healing cats to a whole new level. Cat guardians now have the instructions and ability to connect with their beloved cats on a deeper, energetic level through the guidance of Julie-Anne in this amazing, easy-to-read book.

The book contains simple, easy to use steps to enable cat guardians to feel their cats core energy centres.”

–  Dr Katie Woodley DVM, Holistic Integrative Veterinarian at The Natural Pet Doctor.

What you can expect:

The first part of the book explains a history and definition of chakras, energy fields, the aura, vibration and frequency. It gives you a foundation of how to work with energy as the book then progresses through a practical process to support you, the reader, as you start to sense your cats energy centres. I help to walk you through feeling the energy and balancing it, enabling your cat to heal.

The second part is dedicated to a break down of each of the 7 main chakras containing all the essential components needed to understand the 7 chakras in detail. Including behavioural and emotional responses to an imbalance and signs of an over and under active chakra. Through a variety of tools such as crystals, herbs, colour therapy and more, I give you several options to work with the energy of your cat so you can clear, cleanse and balance their core energy centres.

If you are interested in learning more about cat chakras this is the book for you!