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Soothing paws – How to help your anxious cat course


Do you have an anxious cat? 
Are they hiding away, weeing around the house or attacking other cats in the home?
Have you tried everything you can think of but the cat still isn’t’ happy? 

Let me help.

I’ve been working with cats for nearly 20 years and in this anxious cat course I share with you how to deal with anxiety in the home.

I don’t know about you but when I can see my cat is stressed, I get stressed. Then it’s a bit of a vicious circle with us both being anxious and things going from bad to worse. can you relate?

In this course ‘Soothing Paws – How to hep your anxious cat’ we will cover:

Module 1:

💔 Causes of your anxiety

💔 What happens if you avoid it

💔 Additional emotional layers that will impact your anxiety

💔 Coping mechanisms to deal with your anxiety

💔 How your anxiety affects your cat

Module 2:

🐈 What is anxiety in cats

🐈 How is shows up

🐈 Signs and symptoms of anxiety

🐈 The difference between acute and chronic anxiety

🐈 Why it’s important to accept your cat the way they are

Module 3:

🐾 Conventional treatment options

🐾 Natural treatment options

🐾 Complementary treatment options and their efficacy

🐾 Practical changes in the home

🐾 Do’s and Don’ts for you and the household

Upon purchase of this course you will shortly receive an email with the link for the first module.

The next two will be released in 24/48 hours. 

If you have any issues please contact the team: