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Overgrooming – 3 module masterclass


Does your cat have a bare belly?
Are they constantly licking at the inside of their legs making themselves raw?
Have you tried everything you can think of to help your feline friend? 

Take a deep breath, you aren’t alone in this anymore. In my 3 module mini course I cover so much to help you understand you cat and why they are doing what they are, you’ll be able to find a way to help them.

In this 3 module masterclass we cover:

* What is overgrooming?

* Why do cats do it?

* The science behind the behaviour

* Triggers – what are they and how to identify them

* How you impact your cat

🐈 Why some cats won’t stop

🐈 Why distraction techniques don’t work

🐈 Why this is happening to your cat

🐈 The difference between a physical issue and mental health problem

🐈 Causes of overgrooming

🐾 How you can help your cat to reduce or remove this behaviour

🐾 Conventional and complementary treatment options

🐾 Practical changes to implement in the home

🐾 Emotional support tools for you and your cat

🐾 Do’s and Don’ts for you and the household!

Upon purchase of this course you will receive an email with the link for the first module. The next two will be released in 24/48 hours.