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Cats are sentient beings

In this blog we look at how cats are sentient beings and how they connect to us emotionally.

I don’t know about you, but I am the person at a party in the kitchen playing, talking and connecting with the cat!? I have always been drawn to animals and over the last few years I have really leaned into my empathetic traits and have been able to connect with cats on a deeper level. In this blog I’ll share with you my experience of connecting with cats and explain how you can deepen your relationship with your cat by tuning in.

More than ‘just a cat’

I have believed for so long now that there is more to cats than people think.

It deeply saddens me when I see posts on social media saying things like ‘my cats a t*%t’ or ‘cats are d%&#s’. (Sorry for the foul language)

But it’s true – people talk about cats with such hate, distain, and frustration sometimes, I find it terribly upsetting. When I see posts about people experiencing problem behaviours with their cats, again it makes me sad. Some people think that the cat is doing it ‘to spite me’ or ‘they’re doing it to prove a point’.

I’m sorry but no. That perspective is totally wrong.

It’s rare that I will be so strong in my views but as you know my mission is to give cats a voice (#givingcatsavoice) and for that – I need to speak up.

Cats are NOT doing something to spite you, to prove a point or to be a d%@k. They are trying to communicate with you – they are trying to tell you something. You need to listen.

Cats are sentient beings

What is the definition of sentient, what does it actually mean? The dictionary definition of sentient is:

Sentient – able to perceive or feel things

Ask the majority of cat guardians – they will tell you that when they are feeling sad or unwell their cat seems to know. They will snuggle up, give you a face rub or paw boop (and all the other lovely little behaviours your cat has to make you smile.) There is no denying it…cats are deep, emotional beings just like us humans. They CAN perceive and feel things. We need to start tuning in, learning how to speak cat and listen to the incredible things they are trying to share with us using cat language.

That’s where I come in. Many of us know when a cat is hungry or when they seem unwell because they just ‘don’t seem right’. But for some that’s as far as they can connect.

I’m here to tell you there is more – oh so much more!

What can I hear?

I will never forget the time that my husband and I went to a wildlife centre (not my chosen activity anymore) and we walked past the leopard enclosure. We couldn’t see the leopard; she was hidden amongst the green foliage. Suddenly I was so overwhelmed with sadness and grief I started to cry – I couldn’t keep it in. I felt like my heart was breaking. My husband wondered what on earth was going on. I pulled myself together and instinctively offered the leopard reiki healing. We then went on to visit the rest of the park. As we came to the end, we found out that the leopard had lost its mate, it had died.

I had the biggest lightbulb. I could feel her grief. And the rest, as they say, is history.

I am an empath and I connect with cats, emotionally and energetically.

And do you know what – you can too.

Taking time out to connect

Take a look at this picture, photo by Mali Maeder.

What do you think the cat is feeling? Not too sure – that’s ok. Turn off your distractions, take a deep breath … and then another.

Now try to connect to the cat – tune into its energy, its emotions, how it feels, what’s going on.

Still can’t do it…don’t stress. If you have you picked up something from the cat – way to go you!

It can take a while for us humans to get out of our heads and connect with our hearts. That’s where you find the connection. Animal communicator Pea Horsley has great books on animal communication and teaches you how you can connect to your animal.

I’m not going to give you a step by step method – it doesn’t need to be that structured. You just need to pause your mind, connect to your heart, and listen.

Tune in to the cat frequency. After all, everything is energy – we just need to find the right station.

What’s the takeaway from this blog?

Cats are always trying to communicate to us, we just need to take time out to listen (have I mentioned that?!)

If you are dealing with a ‘problem behaviour’ from your cat, try to see it from the cat’s perspective.

Ask yourself:

  • Do they need something?
  • Are all their needs provided for?
  • Would an extra XXX help? (litter tray, scratching post, cat bed)
  • Do they need their food station moved to a quiet place?
  • DO they feel safe in their environment?
  • What are they trying to tell me?

If you need help interpreting cat behaviours – get help. Reach out to other cat guardians or contact someone like me.

Don’t let your frustration about the situation take over and create bad feelings between you and your cat. It can take a while to get the relationship back on track.

Approach the situation with love, an open heart and a willingness to learn and listen.

Once you start listening and talking cat – trust me – your cat will show up in ways you never thought possible. Your relationship and species connection will deepen. And you’ll be the best #catmum or #catdad ever! 😊

Final note

I am able to connect with cats without even trying, I guess you could call it my superpower!? That’s why I’m not your typical feline behaviourist. Yes, I look at behaviour, but I am also able to look at ‘problem behaviours’ from the cat’s perspective. Humans call them ‘problem behaviours’ but actually that’s our issue! What’s really happening is that the cat is trying to speak to you, to tell you something isn’t right for them.

To bridge the gap between cat and guardian I don’t just use my logical, theoretical brain. I use my emotional connection to tune in to the cat’s energy frequency.

That’s why my mission is #givingcatsavoice

I am listening. I am ready.
To stand up for cats who want/need to share their voice with their guardians.
Are you ready to listen?

As always, I hope you have enjoyed the blog. Share it with your friends, family or colleagues.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me. Either via the website, email or social media. 

Thanks for reading.

Best wishes, with love

Julie-Anne x

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