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Cats: Indoors versus Outdoors

In this blog we have teamed up with ProtectaPet to share with you the benefits of cat proofing your garden. Indoor or outdoor cat – the choice is yours…

It is estimated that as many as one in four cats is kept exclusively indoors in the UK. Cat guardians can have concerns about the dangers for outdoor cats including road traffic, theft, and fighting with other neighbourhood cats.

But indoor cats may long for the enrichment that the outdoors has to offer: sun basking, stalking insects, breathing fresh air and enjoying local plant life. Cats can thrive in both environments, but it is important for cat guardians to consider all options based on their individual needs: what might be right for one cat and guardian might not be right for another…

If you have an exclusively indoor cat, there are lots of ways to bring the enrichment of outdoors indoors. Cat guardians can grow cat friendly plants in pots on windowsills or put down a dried herb garden.

Activity centres, cat shelves and scratchers can offer stimulation to climb and get active. Cat guardians who are going out to work might choose to leave activity feeders or treat mazes to keep their cat entertained while they are away. Mental stimulation is just as crucial as physical movement.

If you have a free-roaming cat, a curfew can prevent your cat from wandering during the riskiest times of day such as dawn or dusk or overnight. Cats can be trained to return to the shake of a treat tin or food bowl. There are options for cat flaps which lock at night-time or tracker collars which enable you to see where your cat might be if they don’t return.

There is another option

To give cat guardians peace of mind, and cats the best of both indoor and outdoor worlds: a cat proof garden. Your cat can benefit from the enrichment of the outdoors while not straying into harm. With a modular range of fences for cats, there will be a solution to cat proof your garden – whatever the shape or size. Meanwhile, cat guardians can be assured that their cat is safe at home.

This is just an overview of the indoor versus outdoor debate but there are plenty of things to consider and the right solution may depend on the breed and temperament of your cat as well as the location of your garden and the associated risks in your local neighbourhood.

There is no right or wrong answer about whether your cat should be an indoor or outdoor cat.

If you’d like any advice on cat proofing your garden, get in touch with ProtectaPet on or 0800 999 4008

If you’ve got an outside, cat proofed garden share an image with us on social media. Be sure to tag @naturallycats and @protectapet so we can see your cat enjoying their outside space.

With love,

Julie-Anne and the ProtectaPet team


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