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Coming out of the closet

I’ve got a secret I need to share.

Julie-Anne Thorne
10th August 2021

It’s time I’m honest with you.

I can’t hide it anymore.



There. I’ve said it.

If you’ve been following me for some time, you’ll know that I am SUPER passionate about cats. No jokes – I think I was one in a previous life or perhaps I was mean to one and I am clearing some Karma by being an ambassador for them in this life. Who knows?

What I do know is that I live, breathe, and love cats. All of them. The perfect ones (aren’t they all?!), the wonky ones. The loving ones, the grumpy ones and all the rest in between.

I am on a mission to change the worlds perspective of cats. To wake people up and help them to realise that cats are sentient, emotional, spiritual beings.

They aren’t ‘just a pet’ or ‘just an animal’. Cats have a soul just like us humans. They feel pain, sadness, joy, peace. And other emotions in between.

What’s my big reveal?

I am tired of talking about behaviour.

I am tired of talking about the number of litter trays, scratching posts and cat toys.

The truth is…I am tired of talking about the conventional stuff. There is more and we need to start talking about that.

The soul. The spirit. The emotions of our cats. This has been brewing for quite some time in me I’ll be honest. If I want to wake people up…I need to speak up.

Cats have a soul. They have emotional and spiritual needs. Let’s help our furry friends by talking about these needs, by recognising them and honouring them.

How can we help them?

You may or may not agree with me when I say that cats have a soul. That’s ok. If we all thought the same life would be dull. And if everyone agreed with my perspective and viewpoint, I wouldn’t have any work to do in the world!

In our upcoming Connected Cats Course I will be sharing with you how you can deepen your relationship with your cat. Connect to their soul, their spirit. Once you understand how the two of you are connected, you will see how each cat can teach us how to grow, learn and evolve in this lifetime.

Each cat that comes into our life has a contract with us, we both agreed it when we were spirit. (Hold steady for real woo woo ahead!)

We agreed to have cats in our life that would help us. For example, let’s talk about my darling girl Pickle. She led me to train in complementary and alternative treatments because she was so poorly. Did I see it at the time, not really. I didn’t understand the full magnitude of her lessons and teachings until we had a deeply sad departing, and she left her physical body. At the time it was about helping her. Now I see it was my path, so I could help even more cats with my knowledge and skills.

Peeps…let’s stop talking about the number of litter trays and toys for just a minute.

Let’s look beyond the physical and start to explore more. You might not be able to go full on woo woo just yet, that’s ok. But if you can open your mind to the possibility that your cat is here to teach you, to help, to open your heart and mind that’s a start.

Come and join us on the Connected Cats Course and you can learn more about your furry friend than you ever thought possible.

I appreciate my perspective isn’t for everyone, and that’s ok. But if you can stick around in the Naturally Cats community over the coming months you might be amazed, surprised and even a little excited about how you can build a stronger, deeper connection and relationship with your furry friend.

Does this blog resonate for you? If so, please share it with friends, family or colleagues.

We need your help with the mission of #givingcatsavoice

Thank you for reading. 

With love, 

Julie-Anne and Leo xx

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