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Why does our mental health matter?

In this blog I’ll be sharing with you why we need to look after ourselves so that we can help our cats.

In recent blogs I talk about cats and various elements that affect them. One of the biggest influences on cats is us …. the humans.

We decide when they eat, where they can go, what they can play with and soooo much more.

A lot of what we do is to help them, to keep them safe and to enable them to thrive.


What we feel, how we act, and our current vibration can sadly affect them in a negative way. You all know what it feels like when you walk into a room and people have been arguing. You can ‘cut the tension with a knife’. This is all based on the energy and emotion from those two individuals in the room.

Our cats can sense this too. More in fact.

Cats are sentient, emotional, energetic beings. I’m sure you have been poorly, and your cat has come to comfort you in some way. They ‘just know’.

That’s because cats are awesome and can sense the change in energy and frequency.

Are you aware of the emotional scale? Did you know that each emotion has a different frequency? The graphic I have shared with you is from the Naturally Cats Connected Cats Course.

In the course we look at how our humanness affects our beloved furry friends. We look at where we spend most of our time (usually in our heads) and how it can make a difference to lead from our hearts and intuition.

Our cats don’t do things to spite us, they aren’t wired that way. Each cat is with us to teach us something, we just need to take time to figure out what that might be. Take time to listen.

How can we hear them?

When our own mental health is compromised or diminished it can be hard to see this magical truth. That we can indeed connect with our cats on a deeply spiritual level. It’s not just about the functional. It’s about how to heal each other, how to go within. That’s what we cover on the Connected Cats Course.

We have a module for each of the 4 main paths to connection:

  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Spiritual

Throughout the 4-week course I help to guide you to listen to your mental chatter, hear your heart and re-connect with your inner knowing. All of which helps to deepen your bond and connection with your cat.

We have a guided meditation in which you connect with your cat – call it animal communication if you will.

Now you might be wondering how you can do animal communication through one simple meditation – I tell you it’s awesome!

On the last course the participants said:

‘I can’t believe I connected to her, she had such a beautiful message for me’

‘I really wasn’t expecting that, it’s rocked me to my core’


‘That was such a moving meditation, she came and sat on me the whole time and then just when you finished, she got off my lap. She’s not really a cuddly cat’.

Do you need help?

If you feel like you are losing your connection with your cat or that you have lost the connection with yourself, you need to come and join me for the next course intake. It’s only 4 weeks. 7:00 – 9:00pm.

When I created the course, I wanted to give people a safe space to be themselves, to open up and truly blossom. I wanted to give cat mums a space where they could heal and grow with like minded women. There are a couple of spaces left to join me for the next intake. You can book your space here:

Naturally Cats Connected Cats Course.

Before you decide, check out some of the feedback from the last course intake:

‘The powerful shifts in my energy & emotions, moving me from protecting my heart with a tough exterior due to trauma experienced in the last couple of years to opening my heart to a place of healing & transformation.’

‘It’s shown me the importance of looking after myself more so that I can show up and support my own cats. I work with a lot of cats and support them, and their humans and I need to make sure that I am also applying that to my own life.’

‘The Heart module was my favourite. Being able to experience animal communication with Myrtle & hearing her message of healing for us both was just so precious. It has led to a deepening of our relationship with a growing heart connection. This module gave me invaluable guidance on connecting to & trusting my intuition, which I will practice & take forward with me.’

We can’t wait to see you at the next course.

With love,

Julie-Anne and Leo xx

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