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What is cat communication?

In this blog we will look at cat communication. I’ll share with you what it is and how you can do it with your cat!

For me, cat communication comes in two different ways.

The most common is via body language. Reading what the cat does, how they brush against your leg, give you eye kisses (aka slow blinks), initiate play time, tell you they are hungry.

It’s the obvious ways in which you can read your cat. You can look at their ear position, their eyes, the tail etc. This is the type of communication that you can Google and find graphics on. Things to look out for, ways that all cats show how they feel.

For example a cat has their hackles up (the fur towards the bottom of their back) … they are not a happy cat!

I know that some people can read a cat’s body language more than others. But in my opinion this form of communication is really straight forward. You can see it, so you can read it.

But what about the other type?

How can you tell what a cat is thinking and feeling?

How can you hear what their spirit and soul has to say to you?

This is my favourite type of communication! Let me tell you more…

How do I do it?

By listening.

I know that you have walked into a room and felt the tension of people that are arguing.

I know that you have thought about someone and then they have called or messaged you.

Do you know how I know that?

Because everything is made of energy. You (the guardian reading this) are a being made of and creating energy all the live long day.

How can you hear your cat’s soul and spirit? Feel into their energy, find their frequency.

But how I hear you ask?! It’s ok, I’ve got you covered.

 Turn off your phone and all distractions. Put your hand on your heart and take 3 big, slow, long deep breaths in and out. This is to help you come into the moment, the now, the present.

 Close your eyes and picture your cat. The last time you had cuddles, or were playing, or you saw them sleeping. It doesn’t matter…but picture your cat in your minds eye. Feeeeeel the love in your heart, your body for them. This is you making a connection with their essence. Their spirit, their soul.

 Ask them, ask them how they feel, what do they want to share with you. Anything. Converse with them, either verbally out loud or quietly in your head. It doesn’t matter which way you do it. But do it. Talk to your cat as if they were sat right in front of you.

 Listen. Be open to receiving whatever they have to share with you. Write it down if it helps.

 Thank them. Show gratitude for the opportunity to connect with them, to receive them. To hear them. To be present with them. To connect on a deeper soul level with them.

Am I making it up?

Some of the common phrases I hear from clients and the Naturally Cats community about communicating with their cats are:

“But I can’t communicate with my own cat.”

“I’m too close to it, I can’t receive anything.”

“I think I’m making it up, it’s what I want to hear.”

“How do I know it’s my cat and not myself.”

I’ve felt/thought all of these at one point or another. I’ll let you in on a secret…all of these are coming from your head…not your heart space.

It’s fear. Fear that you are doing it wrong. Fear that you can’t do it. Fear that you are making it up. And trust me, it’s all valid. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Practice. Practice and practice some more.

That’s how you will find faith that you are communicating with your cat.

That’s how you will trust that it’s your cat communicating with you, and not your head!

That’s how you will start to believe in your awesome power and gift to communicate with your cat.

If I can do it, so can you.

Why should I communicate with my cat?

Have you ever been ignored? In a meeting, at a party, family gathering? It sucks right. It feels like you don’t matter. Communication helps to create love, a bond, a relationship. Be it verbally, physically or energetically.

Communicating with your cat is the key to a happy cat. My mission is #givingcatsavoice and when cats are heard it means everything to them. You can see on my YouTube channel how communicating with Leo has rocked his world.

He went from not eating and being off his food to smashing 3 plates a day…all after I communicated with him.

When we make time to hear our cats, you’ll be amazed at how it impacts them.

How it improves your relationship with them. How much closer you feel with them.

Give it a go, you’ve got nothing to lose. And I know your cat will thank you for it.

If you have communicated with your cat drop me an email and let me know.

I love to hear from the Naturally Cats community.

With Love,
Julie-Anne, Leo and Baby Max xxx


Photo by Sam Lion.

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