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How Leo helped me to heal.

In this blog I’ll share with you how Leo has changed my life. How he has helped my business to evolve, my heart to open and my understanding of what it means to give cats a voice a whole new meaning.   

I’ve never considered my cat(s) ‘just a pet’. They are not even just part of the family; they are part of my heart. I don’t function without them. When Pickle was put to rest I broke. I didn’t know who I was, how to be, or even on some days how to do anything other than breathe.

And that at times that even felt too hard.

My heart didn’t just break, it shattered, and I had no idea how to be me anymore without my baby girl.

And then along came Leo. Neither of us were ready to be in a relationship. Neither of us knowing how the hell to navigate this next chapter and both us us literally making it up as we went along day by day.

I call Leo my treasure (amongst other names such as Bubs, Buddy and Bubba!) He was something sparkly that brought my heart back to life. A gift I didn’t know I needed.

I wasn’t ready to get another cat when he came to me but as you know the Universe has a way of bringing you exactly what you need, although it may not be what you want!

I remember driving to pick him up thinking ‘what the hell am I doing!?’ But it was too late. I had signed the paperwork the day before and his home was with me.

Leo is a completely different cat to Pickle. Of course he is because every cat is unique. But after saying goodbye to a huge part of my identity, my love, my heart, my baby girl, I didn’t know how to engage with him.

Everything I thought I knew about cats I tried to implement, and every single thing didn’t work for him.

It’s been a bumpy road

Leo has taught me surrender, patience, acceptance, faith and oh so much more. Our physical relationship is literally the exact opposite of what I had with Pickle. She and I would spoon on the sofa, she would slumpy on my pillow as I buried my face in her tummy. Sometimes I go to stroke Leo, and he looks at me like my hand is made of fire and shoots out the back door!

I’ve realised that when I say ‘no two cats are the same’ that I truly need to live that. Understanding the Leo, Pickle and even Baby Max are all unique in their own way. Our relationships are different, our connection is different, and their needs are different.

Humans are creatures of habit; we like what we know. I am in awe of cats and how they can shake us humans up! They can push us out of our comfort zones, they can stretch our capacity for understanding. They can help us to grow in ways we can’t even imagine.

On the very first day I brought Baby Max home I burst into tears as he galloped across the room and jumped up onto my lap. Settling down for cuddles and purring away. This was something that I had been dreaming of for years. Pickle only sat on my lap a handful of times, but the sofa slumpies and pillow cuddles were amazing.

I realised as Baby Max jumped up onto my lap that my relationship with Leo wasn’t something to continually wish for more (i.e. lap cuddles, or even to be able to touch him at times). Leo helped me to see, feel and sense a connection with him far past the physical.

I remember writing a letter to him one day, at the end of my tether. Not knowing how to connect with him. How to forge a relationship with him. I didn’t realise until I had finished writing the letter, and read it back, that halfway through it the tense and tone changed. I wasn’t writing to Leo I was writing from him. It blew my mind. I was so shocked.

It’s because of Leo that I can now sense a cat’s chakras. It’s because of Leo that I now have a programme helping people to Become a soul led cat guardian. It is because of Leo and our spiritual connection that I understand the new dimension of the vision giving cats a voice.

What is the mission now?

For so many years I have tried to speak up for cats. To help people to understand their behaviour. To help people understand that cats have emotions and it’s those emotions that sit under ‘problem behaviours’. It’s taken me years to realise that having a voice only matters if someone is listening. So now the mission has evolved. It is still about giving cats a voice, but now from the perspective of you, their guardian.

You’ll have seen some changes in the business lately and that is due to the new focus of the mission. It is because Leo has shown me there is more to a cat and human relationship than physical touch or interaction.

He has shown me that he truly is a sentient being that is open and ready for a deeper, spiritual connection. And I am diving into that headfirst.

I can hear his soul, receive his emotions and thoughts. It has awakened me to a completely new way of being a cat guardian and also has given me a fresh, new perspective on our relationship.

Are you ready to listen to your cat in this way?

Do you want to sense how your cat feels?

Do you want to feel their energy and essence?

If you are ready to awaken your spiritual connection with your cat come and join me in the Become a soul led cat guardian programme.

I promise you it will take your relationship with your cat to a whole new level.

Thank you Leo

Thank you sweet boy. You have (yet again) awakened my understanding in a new way to help others. You have helped me to understand a deeper love. You are nurturing my soul as it grows and evolves.

You inspire me.

And I love you with all that I am. My treasure. My Bub Bubs.

Dear reader, I hope you have enjoyed the blog.

If you know of a friend, family member or colleague who would enjoy this short article please share it with them.

You never know … you might end up giving their cat a voice.

With Love,
Julie-Anne and Leo xxx


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