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How to use crystals with your cat.

In this blog I will share with you how you can use crystals to help your cat. To balance their energy, clear their chakras and support their health and well-being.

I’ll use the term crystals in this blog to represent crystals, minerals, rock, and semi-precious stones.

Crystals have been used for thousands of years. Writings dating back to 400 BC have been documented observing the power of crystals, gemstones, and semi-precious stones. They are believed to have a variety of healing properties for emotional, mental, and physical issues. They are an extremely effective healing tool.

As we know, everything vibrates and is made of energy, this also includes crystals. Cats are very sensitive beings, not only do they respond and feed off our energy, but they also respond to the energy of crystals.

Why use crystals with your cat?

Everything has a unique vibration, a unique frequency. We are all affected by different vibrations. For example, I get a severe headache when I hear drum and bass music. I feel very overwhelmed, energetically drained, and short tempered when I have been staring at a screen all day long! Everything around us impacts our energy and vibration.

What do you find stimulating or relaxing?

Cats are no different. Some cats will love to be around you when you meditate. Others will come alive when you play certain music. These are examples of what affects your cats energy and vibration.

Crystals can affect your cat and their vibration too.

How can crystals help my cat?

As I mentioned above crystals can help all elements of your cat from their physical and mental health to supporting their emotional and spiritual needs.

You can use crystals to help your cat:

🐾 Feel grounded and safe in their environment

🐾 Release blocked emotions or trauma

🐾 Adapt to changes in the home

🐾 Reduce physical symptoms of illness or injury

🐾 Deepen your spiritual connection

And so much more! Let’s face it, if you have a crystal and know the healing properties of it, you can offer it to your cat. That being the key – offering it to your cat!

How to use them with your cat

I use crystals in the same way that I use essential oils, herbs, remedies, and other complementary healing offerings.

I give the cat a choice.

I NEVER force a remedy or healing modality onto my cat. Would you like it if someone was adding supplements to your food? Burning incense of a fragrance that you didn’t like, removing your fresh water and replacing it with tainted water?

Although some of these actions you may be doing because you love your cat and want to help them, we can’t ignore the fact that cats know what they need to heal.

We need to give them a choice in their treatment. Take a look at my blog What is self-selection to understand a little more about giving your cat a choice.

With crystals I would advise you:

🐾 Put the crystal on the floor and let the cat sit near/next to or on it as/when they need to.

🐾 Leave the crystal in water overnight (those that are not damaged by water) and offer your cat the crystal tincture. Don’t force your cat to drink the crystal infused water, and be sure to ALWAYS have a fresh, untainted water supply available for your cat.

🐾 Hold the crystal in your hand and offer the healing energy to your cat. Some crystals can be very powerful to cats, so they enjoy receiving the energy via a filter.

🐾 Have crystals that are large enough so the cat can’t swallow them and be cautious of those with sharp edges!

What NOT to do with crystals

❌ Never place a crystal directly onto your cat. If they want the crystal in a certain place, they can manoeuvre their body onto it when it is on the floor.

❌ Never put crystals into your cats bed, safe places, carrier, or on their collar. They need to be able to remove themselves from the energy when it is no longer needed.

❌ Leave your cat alone or unattended with a crystal. Some tumble stones are small and may be ingested by the cat. Baby Max was playing with a piece of citrine once, and it was lovely to see because he needed to shift some stuck energy in his sacral chakra but when he started to mouth the crystal it was time to take it away!

Cleaning and cleansing

As crystals store and transmit energy it is important to clean and cleanse them. You can do this a variety of ways:

✨ Put them into moonlight or sunlight

✨ Hold them under running water with the mantra ‘I clear this crystal of negative energy’

✨ Smudge them with sage/Palo Santo wood, resin,

✨ Wrap them in coloured fabric for 24 hours

There is no right or wrong when it comes to crystals, do what your intuition guides you to do.

Just be sure to never force a crystal onto your cat or force them to interact with or receive the energy from a crystal.

Have fun with it and see how your cat will guide you.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog.

Do you use crystals with your cat? I’d love to hear from you.

Get in touch:

With love,
Julie-Anne, Leo and Max xxx


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