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Letter to Leo

Take a peek at what I shared with Leo ahead of Max joining our family as we move to be a multi-cat home.

With a new cat coming to join our family I took some time to connect with Leo. After all, his world is going to experience the biggest amount of change and sadly he has such little control over it.

Recently he has been joining me in my summer room whilst I meditate. I think he is not only enjoying my calmer energy, but he is also helping to set the right energetic tone for this space, as it’s where Max is going to be staying for a while until he is integrated into the home.

As a cat behaviourist I have the necessary tools to introduce the boys together, taking our time and using lots of scent work! But as a cat mum I am worried. Mainly for Leo. I don’t want our relationship to be negatively affected, I don’t want him to have unnecessary stress and for his asthma to flare up.

As an intuitive and animal communicator I can sit and have a conversation with animals using a soul-to-soul connection. Asking questions and having a conversation with them. When I wrote this letter Leo didn’t want to engage. He didn’t want us to have a conversation, he simply wanted to receive so I connected with his energy, and this is what came from my soul to his…

Dear Leo

My bud bud. Bubba. Buddy. My treasure.

You brought me back to life.

You opened my heart when it was shattered and closed. You helped me to piece it back together. In a new shape.

It hasn’t always been easy. I know I haven’t been as open for you as perhaps you needed.

We have learnt, healed and began to trust along our journey. Both in our own ways.

You have been so kind. You have been so brave.

You have trusted me when I couldn’t trust myself.

You have loved me when I didn’t know how to love myself.

You have shown me what it means to have faith. To trust.

You are braver and bolder than I give you credit for.

I see now that I have projected my fragility onto you.

I see that you have brought me so much. I could have given you more.

Your asthma breaks my heart. To see you suffer, in distress, struggling. I wish you didn’t have it. Yet I know it is another lesson for me. One which I am not honouring at this moment in time.

I see you and you love me in your own way.

I am sorry for the pressure I put on you. To give me more. To be more.

To echo the past.

It’s not fair and I will try my best to stop.

To be present. To accept who you are. To love you as you are, as you have done for me.

To appreciate all you share, give and show. To honour you. To continue to love you in our own unique way.

You help me to see. I know there’s more. I know it’s going to take time. Patience.

Your lessons to me of patience, surrender, compassion, faith and release of judgment are some of the hardest lessons for my soul to bear. Yet you show them to me every day.

How brave you are. How strong is your soul. How open is your heart.

More than mine.

I hope you know I love you dearly. I cherish you.

You are my treasure. You are my guiding light. You are my truth.

I am grateful to you and for you. I am humbled by you. I will always love you.

Forever. In our way.

Mummy xoxox

Have you ever considered taking time to write to your cat? It can be a very powerful experience and helps to shift emotions and energy through us. In physical form or spirit. Near or far. Why not get your journal or some paper and write to your cat. Share with them how/what you feel.

I’d love to know how it goes, feel free to email me and share your experience.

With love,

Julie-Anne, Leo & Max xoxo


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