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Silence brings the magic

In this blog I’ll share with you the magic that is waiting for you in silence. How it will transform your relationship with your cat and quite possibly awaken your soul. Let me share with you how a simple experiment shocked me to my core!


‘Hey Buddy. Did you go for poops?’

‘Hello little one, have you got any grubbies in your bloomers?’

‘Goodnight my babies, I love you, sleep well and I’ll see you in the morning.’

I talk to my boys all the time. It’s not because I’m lonely as the only human in my home now, or that I’m losing my marbles!

It’s because I know they understand me, and I want to have a connection and relationship with them.

In ye olden days witches, healers and mystics would use words to alter things. Spell casting, spelling. It’s been said that we need to be aware of what we say because a) the Universe is always listening and b) because there is power in our words.

And I couldn’t agree more. That’s why I talk to my boys. So they know I am listening to them.  

Giving cats a voice

One of the 3 pillars to Naturally Cats is to give cats a voice. And it’s all very well and good if I share with people what their cat is thinking, what it is feeling or what it wants. But what good is speaking up for cats if no-one is listening?

If the guardian is set on hearing what they want to hear instead of receiving what the cat wants to tell them what’s the point in me speaking for the cat?

In the Become a soul led cat guardian programme (module 3) I help the humans to hear, receive and connect to the essence and wisdom of their cats. They have been told how they feel, what they need and why they have ‘acted out’.

What has this got to do with silence? Bear with me, I’m getting to my point!

The very first step that I teach to my soul led cat guardians when it comes to connecting with their cat is to create stillness. When they have worked through modules 1 and 2 they are able to quiet their mind, release fear and judgement and sit quite comfortably in stillness.

To hear their cat.

Why does stillness matter?

When you are still, your head/mind can race. It will share with you all the things you haven’t done and still yet to do. And SOOO much more!

 When you can find the peace within the stillness you can settle into silence.

And that is where the magic happens.

Crazy weekend experiment

Ok so a weekend not too long ago I didn’t have any plans. I was pottering in my house stripping wallpaper, digging up weeds, hoovering grubbies (ah the joys of being a homeowner) and I decided to try something.

I had a ‘silent retreat’ with my boys. Usually every time they come home I greet them by talking to them. This time, I said it silently. From my heart, in my head.

I felt like such a fool to start with.

Wondering what the hell was I doing. The words BURSTING to come out of my mouth whilst my head was crazy with ‘you’re a bad cat mum because you aren’t talking to them’ and so many other forms of judgement.

But I persevered.

And do you know what happened…I started to hear my boys before they came home.

I was in the kitchen and ‘thought’ Leo will be back home in a moment. And with that, he came through the cat flap.

Then it was ‘I’ll be home at 9.’ And sure enough as the darkness approached and I started to get panicky that Baby Max wasn’t home, the clock hit 9pm. I got my outdoor shoes on to go and call him in and as I put my foot into the second shoe he walked in through the cat flap!

Give it a go

Why not try it? If you can’t sit in stillness or you are uncomfortable creating silence just simply switch up your words. The next time you see your cat and go to talk to them, do it silently from your body. Speak to them from your heart.

The more you do this, I promise you the deeper your connection with your cat will be.

If you give this a go and have a shift in your connection with your cat, be sure to drop me an email and share your experience with me.

I love to hear from the Naturally Cats community.

With love,
Julie-Anne, Leo and Baby Max x

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Julie-Anne Thorne

Holistic Cat Therapist, empath, author and cat mum.
Helping anxious humans with anxious cats.
Giving cats a voice and changing the world's perception of cats.


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