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The more I cried the more he bit me.

In this guest blog Karen Dendy Smith, Soul level animal communicator, shares why understanding energy and our emotional connection with our cats can transform how we relate and interact with them.

Take a read of her story to know more ….

My cat Hockey Puck was my teacher.

“Once I understood how my emotions and energy were contributing to my cat Hockey Puck’s behaviour and emotional state, it helped me to grow, evolve, and heal. And in turn helped him as well. Let me tell you more.

Hockey Puck was a sensitive being. He was born that way. And it’s no coincidence that his soul journeyed back to be with me again to continue our soul lessons (reincarnated from my previous cat Dusty) with this new “sensitive toolkit”.

I had a pattern of “over-emoting”. Crying, feeling bad, and feeling helpless over situations.
When this was happening, he would sit right in front of me, become very wide-eyed and bite me over and over in short attack mode! He never broke the skin, but he wouldn’t stop, until I stopped.

What was he saying? Was I NOT allowed to cry? Was I NOT allowed to have emotions? Of course, my mind went to these questions first and for a few years, I tried telling him I was OK as I continued to over-emote… and he STILL bit me!

The lesson.

With the help of an animal communicator, I finally started to understand myself with more compassion regarding the intensity of the emotions I was having during frustrating times. Finally! I began to see that I didn’t think I deserved to have someone help me, have feelings, or express them UNLESS they were big, and I clearly needed to be rescued. This was a pattern that I had learned from childhood. And once I started giving myself permission to feel, and acknowledge/say what I was feeling, Hockey Puck would stand guard, watch over me as I emoted and NOT bite me.

He came back into balance as I came back into balance with what I felt and what I wanted to say. And he told me that he didn’t feel helpless anymore as well.

I realised that we are permeable.

When Hockey Puck passed, I became a professional animal communicator

He pushed me to continue the journey of understanding how our energy affects our animals.

Over many connections and healing sessions with cats and their humans, cats have taught me so much about how they manifest, balance and manage their sensitivity to energy through mediation, purring and grounding.

All kinds of energy, from what WE emit, what they feel from their environment, and what they “see and experience” in the spirit realm can create imbalances or support health and harmony.

So, what do I mean by energy?

At the highest level there are 2 major parts:

1) Qi – the intelligent animating force of the Universe that governs all things and is in complete harmony and balance.

2) Life force – our own energy (animating force) inside and around us that is part our individual soul. The quality of our life force can be positively or negatively affected by our mindset, the situations we encounter and the environment.

Energy that flows smoothly supports health and balance, energy that becomes blocked or stagnant eventually causes dis-ease on 4 levels – spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical.

Everything has lifeforce. Matter is also energy and has life force, just more condensed and so we see it as a physical density.

Cats know good energy!

Cats have shown me that they easily go into a state of awareness that exists beyond their 3D body, includes their full energetic bodies, and from this broader awareness, they sense and pick up information all around them in the world. They feel and see that ALL energy is connected, meshes, and intertwines.

Some of the reactions/behaviours we see in our cats is their way of trying to disburse and rebalance energy and emotions that may be out of balance in their environment, in their own bodies, or in us!

How can we help?

Love and support ourselves the way they love and support us.

If our thoughts and emotions are not congruent with our words, our cats sense this disharmony because they know the truth of what is happening in our hearts.

There is no way to hide the truth of your emotions from your cat.

When we are present with our own feelings and are willing to be compassionate and honest with ourselves about our own struggles, our energy shifts. There is a level of energetic acceptance and kindness that our cats feel, and they know that we are being present.

Because when we are in a mode of acceptance and love, our energy flows and doesn’t become stagnant, even if we are moving through something that is difficult.

Even though our cats have the amazing capability of being present and live in the present, past trauma and experiences, can sometimes get trapped in their cellular, energetic structure like humans. But, unlike humans, the beautiful thing about cats (and other animals) is that they don’t intellectually hold onto the stories of their past, ruminating on them daily, and are very willing to shift and rebalance.

10 Steps to create presence and balanced energy for you and your cat.
  1. Make sure you and your animal are relaxed and calm and that you are not feeling rushed. You can sit near each other, but you don’t have to be touching.
  2. Check your own energy, take a moment to find a place of centered, peacefulness in your own heart.
  3. Using your nose (unless it’s stuffed!), take 3-4 slow deep breaths letting the breath expand your lower abdomen before slowly breathing out.
  4. Imagine putting the happiest, loving image of your cat in your heart, surrounded with a beautiful golden light that contains love and appreciation.
  5. Think about a moment together that made you super happy so you can feel it!
  6. Once you’ve got that joyful feeling for yourself, imagine gently floating that feeling toward your cat from your heart, like a gift in a golden bubble.
  7. Then wait… and allow yourself to stay in your heart.
    You may feel a response being sent back to you on that same loving frequency.
  8. Trust that first initial hit that comes back! It’s your cat accepting the connection, saying thank you, I love you too.
  9. Sit together sharing the gold bubble of energy and love for 5-10 minutes, and when you’re done, thank your cat for being present with you.
  10. Gently pull back your energy, take a deep breath and notice how you feel.


Now you’re both sharing harmonious energy with each other!

I hope you have enjoyed this blog and remember that we are all made of energy and deeply connected.

With love and light energy,
🧡🐾Karen x

Picture of Karen Dendy-Smith

Karen Dendy-Smith

Soul Level Animal Communicator®
Soul Level Intuitive Coach®
Pangu Energy Work + Qigong
Founder, The Animal Communication Collective®
Co-host of The Animal Communication Podcast


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