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Why does my cat meow at me?

In this blog we will look at why your cat is meowing at you. I’ll share with you 5 common meows and how you can figure out what your cat is trying to tell you!

Why do cat’s meow?

When I did my diploma in cat care, welfare and behaviour some years ago I was surprised to read that cats had learned to meow from humans.

Apparently, cats would only be vocal if they were trying to deter a predator and the more we have domesticated cats, the more vocal they have become.

Perhaps this is true, after all when you domesticate a species there are bound to be changes in their mannerisms, behaviour and responses as they adapt to their environment.

I don’t know about you, but I talk to my boys all the time!

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again…cats are sentient beings.

This means that they experience emotion, and part of this experience is connection.

In summary, your cat meows at you because they are trying to connect with you.

What can you do about it?


It’s that simple.

You could shout at your cat. You can tell them to shut up. You can ignore them.

None of which I advocate at all.

But I guarantee … they won’t stop. How do you feel when you need to be heard?

When you are trying to talk to a friend, family member, colleague or loved one.

Do they ignore you, shout at you, tell you to shut up. I’m saddened for you if they do, but think for a moment how does that make you feel?

Sentient beings are wired for connection. Lean into yours with your cat.

Wake up and pay attention when they are meowing at you. They are trying to tell you something.

When your cat meows at you here are some of the things they are trying to tell you:

 I’m hungry

 I want to play

 I want to go out/come in

 I’m in pain/I’m sick


How on earth do you tell which meow means which response?

The key here…know your cat. If you have routine mealtimes, and it’s around that time, they are probably signalling to you they are hungry. ‘Feed me.’

Not all cats will cry/yowl or meow when they are in pain, so keep an eye out for this one. They usually make a sound when you touch a sensitive area or pick them up and touch a sore spot. ‘Ouch that hurts’.

I want to go out/come in – pretty self-explanatory if they are by the door, cat flap or window. ‘Let me in/out’.

The playtime meow is usually coupled with very clear body language from the cat. Perhaps they have ‘zoomies’ (running around the house like an animal possessed!) Or they are doing the bum wiggle, they attack a toy, or your legs!

Play time is crucial for our felines because it not only helps their physical health but supports their mental and emotional health too. This isn’t just for indoor cats either! All cats thrive through connection at playtime, even the golden oldies. ‘Play and have fun with me.’

And finally, we have the unknown meow. The one that the cat does at any time, day or night. They are fed, they’ve been out, you’ve played with them. What else can the cat possibly need?!

They need you.

They need to be with you, connect with you, have contact with you, feel your essence, your spirit, your energy. You.

This really is the easiest meow to address. Just be. With the cat, in the moment. Put down your phone or device. Stop writing that email, doing that job, making that list. Look at your cat. Be with them, talk to them, connect with them.

Cats are with us to help us grow and evolve. They help us to be present and come into the now. That is one of their most magical gifts to us.

Listen and lean into the ‘meow’. Your cat will thank you for it.

Now you know some of the most commons meows. When your cat speaks to you…listen. Then act.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the blog.

With love,
Julie-Anne, Leo and Max xxx


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Blog thumbnail image: Photo by Aleksandr Nadyojin

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