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How can I ground my cat’s energy?

In this blog we will look at why you need to offer your cat opportunities to ground their energy to support their health and well-being.

What is grounding?

You may be aware that humans need to ground their energy. Perhaps you’ve heard someone share that when you get off an aeroplane you can scrunch the grass between your toes to ground your body.

It’s not just the physical body that needs connection to the earth to feel grounded. Everything is made of and created by energy. So yes the physical body needs to feel grounded and connected to the earth but so does the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Cats regularly ground their physical energy as they have small root chakras in each of their paws and constantly sit on the ground. Yet there is more we can do to help them feel grounded and balance their energetic needs.

Why do cats need it?

When a cat is grounded their energy is in balance. They are connected to the earth which has a stabilising magnetic field. Being grounded will help the cat to move, balance and recycle their energy with the earth. Moving energy in and out of the body allows it to nurture, support and energise the body and its processes.

Cats will frequently take, hold and shift OUR energy. It’s not our fault and for some cats it is the reason they are with their guardian (soul contract). So try not to feel bad that your cat is a healer of your energy. Instead offer your cat other ways to support their energy.

Easy options

Here are a couple of really simple yet powerful ways you can offer your cat grounding.

  • Bring the outdoors indoors

Put down leaves, twigs, soil, rocks. Bringing the outdoors indoors will give your cat exposure to natural elements and components. With all the technology we have in our homes it can be hard for cats to find natural materials to work with.

  • Create a calm environment

Taking time to meditate, read, rest, sit in stillness, journal etc can create a calm frequency in the home. Turning off sound input such as the TV, phone, radio etc will allow your energy to settle which your cat will feel. The more calm you feel in your environment, the more your cat will feel it too.

  • Use colour therapy

As you can see from the thumbnail for this blog, Baby Max (and Leo) LOVE using colour therapy. Each colour has its own energetic frequency and red is associated with the root chakra which helps cats to feel grounded. Offer red blankets, water bowls, collars, toys, treats etc. You can read more about colour therapy in my book:

Cat Chakras – A complete guide to clearing, cleansing and balancing your cat’s core energy centres.

If you’d like to get the first chapter of the book for FREE be sure to sign up to the Naturally Cats newsletter.

How can I tell if my cat needs grounding?

When a cat is ungrounded they may be very anxious, nervous, fearful and in extreme circumstances trembling. Cats in a shelter or rescue centre are very often ungrounded as they are in fight/flight or freeze mode being in a stressful situation.

But even our happy and content feline friends who have a stable home can become ungrounded. You may notice changes or issues with elimination. The root chakra is located towards the end of the body and is connected to elimination, so if your cat is having poop problems you may want to offer them red to work with in some way.

Can I stop my cat getting spooked?

We can’t stop a cats root chakra becoming unbalanced. As I’ve mentioned above, everything is made of energy and energy constantly moves. It is not static; it is not a ‘thing’ to do once and know it is settled. Managing your cats energetic needs is an ongoing task. But the great news is that you don’t always have to be ‘doing’ something for them.

I’ve given you a couple of examples above and got 5 others in my video:

How can I ground my cat’s energy – The secret to a happy cat

I hope you have enjoyed reading the blog and feel drawn to use one or more of the techniques I’ve shared with you.

Happy grounding!

With love,
Julie-Anne, Leo and Baby Max x


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