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Is your mental health harming your cat?

In this blog we will look at how your mental health could be harming your cat. From frequency to feelings this blog has got all you need to know about how you can support yourself and your cat.

What is mental health?

Health comes in a variety of ways. We are advised to take care of ourselves. That might be drinking a green juice, or limiting the amount of take aways you have. Going to the gym or simply getting out for a walk. There are many elements that make up a human being so it’s only natural that we have different ways in which we need to take care of ourselves.  

Mental health, for me, refers to my mind. My head. My thoughts.

I’ll share something personal with you … I have a name for my head. It’s called Brenda.

Brenda the Brain.

Why does our mental health matter?

Why have I named my head? Because I need to be able to understand when it/she is out of control. When my thoughts are taking over, and I’ve lost the connection with my heart space. I consider myself a soul led cat guardian and in order to honour and lead from my heart space, I need to be able to identify when I’m not in that zone.

Brenda can be REALLY loud. She can be judgemental, rude, narrow minded and worst of all she can overrule my heart and my intuition – if I let her.

When Brenda is loud and proud my mental health is in a bad way. My anxiety creeps back in and my capacity to function is diminished. This, of course, impacts my boys.

When I’m lost in my thoughts, when Brenda is feeling nothing but fear, I bring this to Leo and Baby Max.

They can feel my fear.

Why does frequency matter?

We are all beings made of energy. In fact everything is made of energy, and how quickly that energy moves is called its frequency. Can you believe that love has a frequency of over 500Hz, and fear has a frequency of around 20Hz!

Why do you think people refer to it as ‘feeling low’ when you are feeling sad, depressed or fearful/anxious?

Have you been around friends, family or co-workers who are miserable, depressed or struggling? You can only be around them for a limited time before you start to feel down too.

Imagine how your cat feels? Your best friend, your companion, your source of unconditional love.

I don’t believe in positive or negative emotions. I don’t believe in good or bad emotions. I believe that ALL emotions are valid. They need to be honoured, felt, expressed.

How do you help your mental health?

Help yourself to help your cat. If we are constantly exposing our cats to low frequency, dense vibration emotions imagine how that makes your cat feel.

Here are 5 top tips to help your mental health and support the energy of both you and your cat:

  1. Get out. Go for a walk. Move your body, the bridge between your head and your heart.
  2. Catch your breath. Take 3 nice, long, slow deep breaths and anchor yourself into the moment.
  3. Listen to your thoughts. Take some time to listen to your head. Let your Brenda talk herself out.
  4. Meditation is a wonderful tool that helps to focus your thoughts and improve your mental health.
  5. Get help. Share with a friend, family member or professional that you are struggling. You don’t need to manage your mental health all by yourself.

If you’d like to make long term changes to the way you show up for your cat come and join me in my heart led programme: Become a soul led cat guardian.

Learn how to drop out of your head and come into your heart. Harness your empathic gift and nurture your intuition.

Your mental health matters.

When you make the time to help yourself, your cat will thank you for it.

I hope you have enjoyed the blog and if you think it could help someone, please share it with them.

With Love,
Julie-Anne, Leo and Baby Max xxx


Thumbnail image by Photo by Sam Lion

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