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From corporate life to connecting with cats

In this blog I share with you how conforming to the corporate world corrupted my soul.

It was the ‘right thing to do

You know when you are at school, and they ask you what you want to be when you grow up…my answer was a vet. I loved animals and wanted to help sick ones get better. But when it came to choosing my A-levels I had the deepest desire to do Psychology (which was new to our school), and it clashed with the sciences needed to head down the vet route.

Little did I know this was probably the first time that I fully connected with my intuition and higher self because I stuck with Psychology – having NO idea what I would do with it as a qualification but knowing that the curiosity about this topic was driving me to learn more.

Then after you finish school they ask: ‘And what’s next?’

I still didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted to do so I did the ‘right’ thing and went to university to study Psychology. I was fascinated by behaviour of humans and animals. I REALLY didn’t like the modules on stats or metrics as numbers have never been my strong suit, but I muddled through.

When you finish university they ask again: ‘What job/career are you going into?’

I still didn’t know. So I did the ‘right’ thing again and got a job.

Shoe shop assistant manager.

National Rail Helpline assistant.

Bra measurer.

Admin team assistant.

Support claims team.

Project support.

Engagement team.

Benefits Manager.

These are a handful of the jobs I have held over the years. What I didn’t realise, until I literally just wrote this to share with you, is that all of my jobs in one way or another helped other people.

But let’s face it … they are a world away from cats!

Corporate to cats

So how did I move from being a Benefits Manager to a Holistic Cat Therapist?

My body kept trying to tell me that the corporate world wasn’t for me, but I refused to listen. Over the years I had several instances of long term sick due to pain, issues and discomfort in my body.

What started as RSI would move up to my shoulder, then I found out I had EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome). But I still didn’t listen. I would work until I came home and cried all evening long. At its worst I couldn’t even lift a half kettle of water my body hurt so much.

Over the years I had been saving a little money and after being faced with a decision to either go back to work after being off for 6 months and still being riddled with pain, or quitting my job I gave up.

I quit my corporate job.

I had no idea how I was going to a) pay my bills long term, b) make a business work c) get clients d) cope and manage with the change of pace/life and circumstance.

But I had to do something. I was broken and it wasn’t getting any better.

Cats cured me

In the background of my corporate job I had Pickle. The sickest cat I have ever known. I was fully committed to helping her, so in my spare time I had been doing a range of courses from self-selection to animal healing. Reiki to meditation and so much more.

I had the odd client – but to be honest it was more about working with people to practice my skills than a thriving business.

A week or two after I left my corporate job Nayana Morag contacted me and asked me if I wanted to co-author The Aromatic Cat book with her.


And the rest as they say is history.

Now I work with cats every single day. Supporting their guardians in my Become a soul led cat guardian programme or giving their cat a cat chakra cleanse and re-balance treatment.

I now have little to no pain on a daily basis. I actually sleep now as opposed to lying in bed awake with my head whirling and my body aching.

I was called ‘too sensitive’ by one of my managers when I worked in the corporate world. Like it was a bad thing, a criticism, a problem.

Now my capacity to be sensitive, empathetic and gentle with others is helping them to deepen their connection with their cat. I use my empath gift to help others see how THEY can shift and heal.

So to the corporate world I say …

Thank you for the lessons, skills and experiences. I will NEVER go back to you.

I will NEVER compromise who I am to fit into your tight, constrictive, linear mould ever again.

I am a cat mum and proud. An empath and author. Cats are my world, and I will never look back from them ever again.

If you have a corporate job that is sucking the life out of you I encourage you to take a moment. Tune into how the job makes you feel. Is there anything you can do to bring a little more light into your world.

If you’d like to see more about how my corporate job sucked my soul dry you can watch my YouTube Video: Why I quit my corporate job to work with cats full time.

I hope this blog gives you food for thought. I hope perhaps it might help you realise that your body isn’t just functional. It is your barometer for the health of your spirit and soul.

With Love,
Julie-Anne, Leo and Baby Max xxx


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