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How can I set my cat up for success?

In this blog we will look at how you can have a happy cat. I’ll cover 5 simple steps you can take to set your cat up for success leading to a happy, healthy cat for 2024.

How to have a happy cat

What does it mean to have a happy cat? As we head into 2024 there may be some humans out there who are dealing with the January blues. Do you think your cat suffers from this too, the post-Christmas slump?

In some ways they do. As I’ve mentioned sooo many times before our cats can sense and feel our energy. But that’s not the topic of our blog today!

Today we are looking at what you can do to have a happy cat. Many people make new years resolutions, things they want to change or implement for themselves as they start a new year. I stopped doing this a few years ago as I realised that I didn’t want to wait.

I didn’t want January to be the only time I looked at my life or that of my boys. I didn’t want to feel crappy when I lost the motivation or energy to make those big changes.

So instead, I look at our lives every quarter. I assess where I am and what I want to be doing with myself and I also do the same for my boys.

Why make changes?

People change, as do our cats. Their needs will change and its our job as their guardian to manage those needs and adapt accordingly.

Just before Christmas I made a donation to one of our local rescue centres (the one where we got Leo) to not only help to support a charity but also to support my boys.

I donated a third of the toys we have that are no longer used by the boys, food they don’t want anymore and best of all a cat tree that Baby Max had outgrown. The great thing about this is that it created more space in our home for me to look at how I can do more for the boys.

Take the cat tree for example. It was no longer appropriate for Baby Max as it was too small so rather than it just collect dust we donated it and now I can see about either using other things from the home for him or getting a new one.

This isn’t about buying more things. It’s about re-assessing. To be honest neither of the boys would use that small tree. They are both using a cardboard scratcher so we will just keep with that for the time being.

The point I’m making is that it is really easy for the bits and bobs in our homes to always be there, even when they aren’t needed.

I had a stash of what I call crappy food – for those days a while ago when Baby Max wouldn’t eat raw and would only eat the food he was given by the shelter as a kitten. We rarely have those days anymore, so I donated it.

It’s a great practise emotionally and energetically to make changes in the home.

Here are my top tips

These are my go-to questions when I am looking around our home and wondering what I can do for my boys:

1.  What changes can I make to improve their environment?

Additional litter trays. Scratching posts. Different cat toys.

2.  How can I improve their diet?

Natural toppers, reduce the dry food, try different forms or raw. Add in a rotation of whole foods.

3.  What can I do to deepen our connection?

More meditation, stillness, quiet time. Focussed play. Brushes.

4.  What enrichment can I bring into the home?

Herb gardens, new ways to forage for food. Sensory stimulation.

5.  What’s not working?

Tray placement, behaviour support, inter-species relationships.

So peeps … I invite you. Ask yourself these questions ^^.

Look at where you can make changes to support yourself and your cat as you head into 2024.

You don’t need to do them all. This isn’t about you feeling overwhelmed about having to change everything in your home or feeling pressure to do more for your cat.

No. It’s about giving you food for thought. It’s about helping you to find a different perspective so you can take one step, one small action to have a happy cat.

I hope this blog has helped; I’d love to know what changes you are going to make for your cat.

Be sure to drop me an email: and share with me what you and your cat are doing as you kick off 2024.

Take it steady, don’t change too much too soon.

With Love,
Julie-Anne, Leo and Baby Max xxx


Blog Thumbnail image by: Photo by Pixabay

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