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Are you looking for anxious cat help?

Look no further, every month I share insights into your anxious cat and provide a variety of ways you can help and support them. 

It’s my mission to give cats a voice and to help anxious cats with anxious humans, so take a look below and see which article speaks to you …

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In this blog we look at the concept of self-selection and how it can radically change the life of your cat.

In this article we cover why providing a herb garden for your cat is a crucial piece of enrichment. You’ll learn how it can support their emotional needs and tap into their natural drive to self-medicate.

In this article we cover why a cat’s territory is so important and how it is linked to aggression and spraying. You will learn the 15 behaviours to look for which indicate territory tantrums.

Here we continue to look at the different types of feline aggression. Starting with Maternal and finishing with Idiopathic.

Welcome to my latest blog, this one is about feline aggression. Did you know that not all feline aggression is the same? Cats show aggression for different reasons and to demonstrate different behaviours. In this blog I will talk you through the 10 (yes 10!) types of aggression that I have experienced as a holistic feline behaviourist.

Discover the story behind the creation of Naturally Cats, How it all started and how I became a healer for my cat Pickle.

So, I’m sure as a cat guardian you may have experienced a cat scratching the wrong thing … like your sofa or the carpet? Why do cats scratch and why can it be so annoying to us humans?

We all know that in the New Year we generally decide to look at our diet and lifestyle and make resolutions to make changes. To eat better, to exercise more to name but a few. That’s ok for us – if we break them, we only let ourselves down as we are the masters of our own destiny. But what about our feline friends?